Lily van der Stokker

Lily van der Stokker (1954)

Lives in Bilthoven. Works in Amsterdam / Bilthoven.

According to Lily van der Stokker, who calls herself a ‘feminist conceptual pop artist’, art doesn’t always have to be about beautiful things. In the ‘The Nagger’s Club’, a series of wall paintings about arguments and money she uses texts like ‘Rather a rotten way to treat an artist’. Another series is about 'Art for elder people'. The beauty, the horrible and the positive and the negative have an equal standing in her work. Yet conversely Van der Stokker does not employ these aspects without pleasure and they are given curlicues, lavish and flower-like decorations. Van der Stokker's work is often described by critics as teenage doodles or the “decorative” realm of girly design. Yet her work breaks established art rules and opens new evocative and important perspectives in the arts. Her art is incredibly radical and in that sense comparable to the groundbreaking attitude of the Pop-artists from the sixties. Lily van der Stokker has produced murals in numerous museums, galleries and art institutes in the Netherlands, Europe and the United States. In October 2018 she has an extensive solo exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. During the Amsterdam Art Weekend 2018 (a period of three days), a solo exhibition called 'Here, and here' will start in Galerie van Gelder from Friday 23 November (from 15:00 to the public).

Galerie van Gelder
Amsterdam - Nederland
Celestial Teapot by Lily van der Stokker
FRIENDLY GOOD Exhibition - 27 Oct 2018 until 24 Feb 2019 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam The Stedelijk Museum presents an overview of Lily van der Stokker's oeuvre, with drawings and murals from the late eighties to the present. On the occasion of this a catalogue was published that issued by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Migros Museum in Zurich, Switzerland. Publisher Roma Publications.
Celestial Teapot by Lily van der Stokker
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Artist talk Lily van der Stokker - NICC Talks


CV Lily van der Stokker

Lives and works in Amsterdam and Bilthoven Selected solo exhibitions 1983 Outdoor Wallpainting, Breda, The Netherlands 1986 V.I.R.T.U., Nijmegen, The Netherlands 1988 Galerie op 't Hemelrijken, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 1989 Galerie Alles Voor 12 & 24 Volt, Rotterdam 1990 Feature, New York, USA 1990 Lily van der Stokker, Murals, Casco, Utrecht, Netherlands 1991 Goed, muurschilderingen, Museum Fodor, Amsterdam 1991 Office Party, Feature Gallery, New York, USA 1992 Feature, New York, USA 1992 Galerie 121, Antwerp, Belgium 1992 Grey Art Gallery, New York University, New York, USA 1992 Winners and Losers, Galerie Snoei, Rotterdam 1992 Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne, Germany 1992 Lukas & Hoffmann, Berlin, Germany 1992 Peninsula, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 1993 Puss-Puss, Ynglingatan 1, Stockholm, Sweden 1993 Office installation in Feature, New York, USA 1993 Feature, office installation, New York, USA 1994 Curlicue, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam 1994 Art & Public, Geneva, Switzerland 1994 Feature, New York, USA 1995 Art & Public, Geneva, Switzerland 1996 Art & Public, Geneva, Switzerland 1996 Grafisch Atelier, Utrecht 1996 Le Consortium, Dijon, France 1997 De Gouverneurstuin (city park), Assen, cat. 1997 Something, Feature Inc., New York, USA 1998 Lily van der Stokker and works from the sixties, Stedelijk Bureau Amsterdam, Amsterdam, brochure 1998 Air de Paris, Paris, rance, with Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby 1998 Habitat Restaurant, London, England 1999 Feature, New York, USA 1999 Richard Telles Gallery, Los Angeles, USA 2000 Flowerbackgroundwallpainting, Galerie Air de Paris, Paris, France 2000 Cabinet Gallery, London, England 2000 Galerie Klosterfelde, Hamburg, Germany 2001 Geklets, Galerie Van Gelder, Amsterdam 2002 Francesca Kaufman Galleria, Milan, Italy 2002 Family & Friends , Le Consortium, Dijon, France, cat. 2002 Lily van der Stokker and Rob Pruitt, Galerie Air de Paris, Paris, France 2003 Beauty, Friendship and Old Age, Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem 2003 Small Talk, Performative Installation # 2, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany, cat. 2003 Creeping Revolution 2, Rooseum Center, Malmö, Sweden 2003 Easy fun, Galerie Klosterfelde, Berlin, Germany 2004 Oom Jan en Tante Annie, 1 year-installation in Cupola of Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht 2004 Lily van der Stokker Wallpaintings, Feature, New York, NY, USA, with Richard Kern 2004 Worcester Museum of Modern Art, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA 2004 Tafels en stoelen, Vivid Vormgeving, Rotterdam 2004 Feature, New York, USA 2005 Lily van der Stokker, Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA, USA 2005 Galerie Air de Paris, Paris, France 2005 Family, Money, Inheritance, Galeria Francesca Kaufmann, Milan, Italy 2005 Furniture project, Galeria Francesca Kaufmann, Milan, Italy 2006 De Zeurclub/The Complaints Club, Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven 2007 Plug In #52 Lily van der Stokker en gast: Jim Isermann, Stedelijk van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven 2007 To the Wall, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen (CO), USA, with David Shrigley, brochure 2007 Plug In #27: Lily van der Stokker and guest Esther Tielemans, Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven 2008 Plug In #44: Lily van der Stokker and guest Rachel Harrison, Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven 2008 Plug In #38: Lily van der Stokker and guest HW Werther, Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven 2009 Rien ne va plus, Stedelijk van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven 2009 Terrible, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam 2009 Berlin-Paris, Gallery Esther Schipper, Berlin, Germany, with Dorothea Iannone 2010 Flower Floor Painting, La Conservera, Murcia/Ceuti, Spain, cat. 2010 Terrible, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam 2010 No big deal thing, Tate / St.Ives, St.Ives, Cornwall, England, cat. 2010 Art Feature / Art 41, Galeria Francesca Kaufmann, Basel, Switzerland, cat. 2010 Leo Koenig Gallery, New York, USA, cat. 2015 Organised and Tidy, Hammer Museum / Hammer Projects, Los Angeles, USA 2017 Lily van der Stokker - Living Room/Wohnzimmer, Capri, Düsseldorf, Germany 2018 Friendly Good, Lily van der Stokker, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, cat. 2018 Here, and here, Lily van der Stokker, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam Selected group exhibitions from 1994 1994 The Use of Pleasure, Terrain Gallery, San Francisco, curator: Robert Nickas, cat. 1994 Babies & Bambies, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, curator: Nina Folkersma, cat. 1994 The Art of Seduction, Miami Dade Community College, Miami, curator Bonnie Clearwater, cat. 1994 Wall to Wall, South Hampton City Art Gallery, Southampton, curator Maureen Paley, cat. 1994 Forging Ahead, University of Texas Art Gallery, Arlington Texas, curator Al Harris, brochure 1994 NY-NL-XX, Gemeente Museum, Helmond, brochure 1994 The Power of Positive Thinking, Food House, Los Angeles, curator Sam Durant 1994 Punishment & Decoration, Gallery Hohenthal und Bergen, Cologne, curator Michael Corris, cat. 1994 Please don't hurt me, curated by Jack Jaeger, Cabinet Gallery, London 1995 Strappy Sandals & Skinny Belts, Victoria Room/!Push, San Francisco, curator Sue Spaid 1996 Printemps/été, Groninger Museum, Groningen 1996 Au début étaient les histoires, Musée de l'Échevinage, Saintes 1996 Wunderbar, Kunstverein, Hamburg 1996 Sylvie Fleury, W.J.M. Kok, Lily van der Stokker, Associated Publishers, Amsterdam 1997 NDXLRTE, Galleri Index, Stockholm 1997 Feature Inc., New York 1997 Dramatically Different, Magasin Centre National d'Art Contemporain, Grenoble, cat. 1998 DeNaturalised, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago 1998 I am 42, semi-permanent public installation, Habitat restaurant, Londen 1998 Inglenook, Feigen Contemporary, New York 1998 Inglenook II, University Galleries of Ilinois State University, Chicago 1998 Roommates, Museum Van Loon, Amsterdam, cat. 1998 Poepie en Floepie, Ynglingatan, Stockholm 1998 WOP works on/off paper, ANP, Antwerp 1998 L'Envers du décor, Musée d'art moderne de Lille Métropole, Villeneuve d'Asq, cat. 1998 Look me in the eyes, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam 1999 Free Coke, lines, drawings & paper, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York 1999 Provisorium I, Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht, curator Paula van den Bosch 1999 De coraz(i)on, Centre Cultural Tecla Sala, Barcelona 1999 00, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam 1999 Village Disco, The Cabinet Gallery, London 1999 Drawings, Alexander and Bonin Gallery, New York 2000 Haut de Forme et Bas Fonds, FRAC Poitou- Charentes 2000 Let's Entertain, The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, curator Philippe Vergne; Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon, USA 2000 Diary, Cornerhouse, Manchester, curator: Margot Heller; Firstsite, Colchester 2000 A New Day Dawning, Judy Ann Goldman Fine Art, Boston 2000 In Between, Expo 2000, Hannover, cat. 2000 Editions and multiples 1990-2000, Helga Maria Klosterfelde, Hamburg 2001 De Keeshond hapt - Biënnale Leuven, Leuven, Belgium, curated by Kees van Gelder and Herman Labro 2001 Een goed in de weg staande tafel, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam, cat. 2001 Unbreakable, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, brochure 2001 Sense of Wonder, Herzlia Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel, curated by Doreet Le Vitte Harten, cat. 2001 Drawings, Greene Naftali, New York, USA 2001 Feature Gallery, reception area, New York, USA 2001 The Devil is in the Detail, Allston Skirts Gallery, Boston, USA, curated by Rena Conti and Ivan Moskowitz 2001 Oika, The Paviljoens, Almere, The Netherlands 2001 FRAC Aquitaine, Périgueux, France 2001 Ascan Crone Galerie, Hamburg, Germany 2001 Let's Entertain - Lifes Guilty Pleasures, Kunstmuseum Wolfsberg, Germany; Miami Art Museum, Miami, USA, cat. 2002 A'dam & Eve - on sex. tolerance and other dependencies, De Appel, Amsterdam, curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, Tobias Berger & Annie Fletcher 2002 Spot the differences, Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam 2002 Buiten Zinnen / Out of Senses, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, curated by Rein Wolfs and Ronald Cornelissen 2002 Made by Powers, TENT. Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam 2002 Melodrama, Centro Jose Guerro/Palacio de los Condes de Gabia, Granada, Spain; Artium, Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo, Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain, curated by Doreet Le Vitte Harten and Markus Mascher, cat.* 2002 K48 Teenage Rebel, John Connelly Gallery, New York, USA 2002 Life in a Glass House, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, cat. 2002 Van IJ tot Zee 02, Halfweg, The Netherlands 2002 La Chinoise, Baumgartner Galleries Inc., New York, USA, curated by Sergio Bessa 2002 Pretty, ATM Gallery, New York, USA 2002 Hello to Handmade Words, K.S. Art, New York, USA, curated by David Humphrey 2002 Gttz - Guide to trust no. 2, Yerba Bueno Center for the Arts, San Francisco, USA, cat. 2003 Melodrama, Centro José Guerrero, Granada, Spain, cat.* 2003 Melodrama, MARCO/Museo de Arte Contemporánea, Vigo, Spain, curated by Doreet LeVitte Harten and Markus Mascher, cat.* 2003 Creeping Revolution 2, Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö, Sweden, brochure 2003 It's Unfair !, Museum De Paviljoens, Almere 2003 K48 Teenage Rebel, Galerie du Jour/Agnes B, Paris, France 2003 Filmbar Open Air Kino, auf der Dachterrasse de Museum Ludwigs, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany 2003 Sweety Tooth, Mixture Contemporary Art, Houston, Texas, USA 2003 C'est arrivé demain, 7th Biennale de Lyon, France, curators Anne Pontagonie/Robert Nickas, cat. 2003 Nice and Easy, Sprengel Museum, Hannover, Germany, curated by Patricia Druck, brochure 2003 Flower Power, Lille 2004, Cultural Capital, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lille, France, curated by Franck Gautherot, Xavier Douroux and Seung-Duk Kim, cat. 2003 Unfair, De Paviljoens, Almere, The Netherlands 2003 7-ième Biennale de Lyon, Lyon, France 2004 Flower Power, Palais des Beaux Arts, Lille, France 2004 A kind of Bliss, The Drawing Room, Tannery Arts, London, England, brochure 2004 Lily van der Stokker/Julika Rudelius/Antonietta Peeters, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Schiedam, brochure 2004 La Casa Nostra, Air de Paris, Paris 2004 Afterall auction, ICA, London, United Kingdom 2004 Tekeningenzomer/Summer of Drawings, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, brochure 2004 Jusqu'oú irez-vous?, parcours Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, France, curated by Anne-Pierre d'Albis-Ganem, brochure 2004 Arredare la casa abitare il museo, Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce, Genova, Italy, cat. 2004 Woorden Boeken / Words Books, KunstRAI/Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam, cat. 2004 Nederland - Niet Nederland / Dutch art acquisitions 1980 - 2004, a selection", Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, cat. 2004 Bloemen van verlangen, Noordbrabants Museum, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands 2004 Between Letters and Abstraction, 3ºW Gallery, Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere, England, curated by Dan Sturgis 2004 Somewhere Everywhere Nowhere, The Fruitmarket, Edinburgh, England 2005 Life on the screens, Galerie Les Filles du Calvaires, Paris, France, curator Vincent Pécoil, cat. 2005 Emotion Pictures, MuHKA / Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, Antwerp, Belgium, curated by Dieter Roelstraete, cat. 2005 Verzamelen!, Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht, brochure 2005 Looking at Words, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, USA, curated by Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel 2005 Black & White and a little bit of colour, Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem, Arnhem, brochure 2005 Les apparences sont souvent trompeuses, CAPC / Musée d'Art Contemporain, Bordeaux, France 2005 Drawing Two Hundred, The Drawing Room, London, England 2005 Nederland, Niet Nederland, Vanabbemuseum, Eindhoven 2005 Interior Worlds, Galerie Les Filles du Calvaires, Brussels, Belgium, curator Vincent Pécoil 2005 From A to B and back again, Galerie Chez Valentin, Paris, France, curator Simon Moretti 2005 Contour/Continuïteit, Heden en Verleden, Stedelijk Museum, Delft 2005 En corps, et encore!, Centre Régional de Documentation Pédagogique, Poitiers, France 2005 Frontiers: Collecting the Art of Our Time, Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, USA 2005 The Simple Life, Hydra School project, Hydra, Greece, curated by Dimitrios Antonitsis, brochure 2006 Lara Schnitger/Lily van der Stokker/Sue Williams, Modern Art Inc., London, England 2006 Frontiers - 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