About Gallery Viewer

Gallery Viewer is the online platform for contemporary art. We offer visitors the opportunity to easily search among more than 6,000 works of art offered by the best Dutch galleries. Gallery Viewer is also the place to familiarize yourself with the art market.

Gallery Viewer was launched in 2018, powered by Art Rotterdam, to address two gaps in the art market. First of all, the art market is not very transparent. For those interested and potential buyers, the art market is surrounded by questions. There was a lack of an overview and price information. In addition, there was a lack of practical information and answers to obvious questions ranging from "what is an edition?" to "what makes a work of art good?"


Due to the rapid development of the internet, consumer behaviour has changed considerably over the past decades. While you had to go to a store for everything until 10 years ago, nowadays you can buy and arrange almost everything online with your smartphone. Almost, because an up-to-date overview of contemporary art and a place where you could go for practical information about it did not exist.

Gallery Viewer wants to respond to this changing consumer behaviour by bringing together the offer of the 43 best galleries in the Netherlands. By presenting the fullest possible range of contemporary art, we want to appeal to a target group that orientates itself online before visiting a gallery.