Frequently Asked Questions


What offer can I find on Gallery Viewer?

On Gallery Viewer you will find the most up-to-date and comprehensive overview of contemporary art offered by 43 Dutch galleries. Among the artists are up-and-coming talents, mid-career artists and artists whose work has been included in museum collections. In short, Gallery Viewer provides an up-to-date overview of the range of high-quality work.

Why do you find a price range, price and a price on request on Gallery Viewer, and what is the difference?

Gallery Viewer is the first platform for contemporary art to provide price information. A price range is listed next to each work of art, allowing you to search by price range and see what is possible within a certain budget. To find out the exact price, click on Request price. Fill in the pop-up window and the gallery will get back to you with the price as soon as possible. Gallery Viewer also features works without a price range. This often concerns foreign artists who are also represented elsewhere by galleries, making the release of price information sensitive. In this case too you can also ask for price information by clicking on Request price.


Can I also view the artworks on Gallery Viewer in real life?

Yes, if you have seen a work of art on Gallery Viewer that you are interested in and that you may want to purchase, you can contact the gallery owner to view the work of art. Click on the Contact Gallery button, enter your name and e-mail address in the pop-up window, press send and the gallery will contact you to schedule an appointment with you.


What should I look out for when buying art?

When you are about to buy a work of art (for the first time), you run into numerous questions. From practical questions about the number of an edition, the purpose of museum glass and payment schemes to more philosophical questions about what art is or what makes a certain work of art good. On Gallery Viewer you will find all the information you need to get well prepared. We provide background information in the form of extensive artist profiles, videos and recommendations. We also give practical tips about buying art, for example in the masterclasses of Nienke van der Wal, founder of the Young Collectors Circle.


What is an edition? 

When a work is editioned it means the work is not unique and there are several copies of it. An edition is a limited edition of a particular work. Often it concerns lithographs, but video art is also offered as an edition. The art form that works almost exclusively with editions is photography. Since a photo can be printed an infinite number of times, the edition limits the number of copies. Editions of 10 are common, but larger or smaller editions also exist. In addition, you often see + 2 AP behind the edition number. AP stands for Artist’s Proof. These are the prints that are not part of the numbered edition and are for the artist.


How do I determine the authenticity of a work?

On Gallery Viewer, you don't have to be afraid of non-authentic or counterfeit works. Gallery Viewer only represents galleries that are active on the primary market. This means that the galleries offer work that they have obtained directly from their artists and has never before been offered to a private individual.



Which galleries are on Gallery Viewer?

Gallery Viewer is the online platform for contemporary art. On our site you’ll find the most comprehensive and current range of 43 galleries. These galleries together form the top segment of the Dutch market for contemporary art. They represent both up-and-coming talents and established names whose work has been included in company and museum collections and they participate in trade fairs at home and abroad such as Art Rotterdam, Fiac, Art Brussels, PAN or Unseen.


How do I get in touch with a gallery?

On Gallery Viewer you can contact a gallery in two ways. First of all, if you have found a work of art you want to know more about, press the Contact gallery button to the right of the art work requesting more information about the work of art. Fill in the pop-up window and the gallery will contact you. You can also find all contact information of a gallery by clicking on the Gallery Viewer homepage on the Gallery tab, then on the gallery, and on the gallery overview page on the Gallery information button.


Can I ask a gallery for advice?

Of course, it is possible to ask a gallery for advice. Do you have a specific work about which you want more or do you want to know if similar works are still available, click on the Contact gallery button and the gallery will contact you.



Are the exhibitions on Gallery Viewer free to visit?

Yes, we promote gallery exhibitions on our website, which are always accessible for free.

If we report on a museum exhibition, the reason is that work is shown from a gallery which we represent. In those cases, the entrance fees of the relevant museum apply.


Can I also view artworks from past exhibitions?

That is possible, of course. To get a good idea of the works that are still available, click on the Gallery exhibitions button on the gallery overview page. Then choose the exhibition in which the work was displayed and you will be taken to the exhibition page with information about the exhibition and an overview of the works still available. To view these works in real life, it is advisable to contact the gallery. See: How do I get in touch with a gallery?



 How do I find more information about an artist?

In addition to the most complete overview of the current range, Gallery Viewer also offers visitors a lot of background information about artists. On the profile page of an artist you will find a short biography of the artist, videos in which the artist explains his / her work or in which work by the artist is discussed, a brief description of the market position, and an overview of the museum and company collections in which work by the artist is included. Of course, you can also contact the gallery for further information about the artist and his / her work.


What is the relationship between artists and galleries?

In short, an artist is represented by a gallery. An autonomous artist makes work and it is up to the gallery owner to find an audience and buyers for the artist's work. In practice, this means that the gallerist, together with the artist, makes a selection from the artist's new work and shows this at fairs or in the gallery and in the media.


What does an artist's resume tell you?

The resume of an artist contains an overview of the training, solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums, prizes won and tells which museums and corporate collections have purchased the artist's work. A trained eye can deduce from this the phase of the artist's career. For example, the art academy says a lot about the tradition from which the artist originates. A solo exhibition in a well-known museum or participation in a biennial indicates that it is a more famous artist who is well respected by curators.



Forgot your password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily set a new password. Click the Forgot password button in the login pop-up window. Enter your e-mail address to change your password and you will receive an e-mail with a link with which you can create a new password.


How can I change my e-mail address?

You can easily change your e-mail address by logging in with your current e-mail address. Go to my profile and enter the new e-mail address on your profile page in the e-mail field and store your new e-mail address by clicking save.


Create an account?

You can create an account in two ways. Click Register at the top right of the Gallery Viewer homepage. You now have the choice to register with Facebook or simply register with your e-mail address.


How do I make a request?

If you are interested in an art work and you’d like to know the price, click on Request price to the right of the artwork. Fill in the pop-up window and the gallery will contact you shortly.


What should I do if I do not receive a response from the gallery?

If you do not receive a response from the gallery to your request for information or price request, you can always contact the gallery by phone. Please find the contact information on the Gallery information page of the relevant gallery.

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