Here and here and here, ,

Here and here and here

Show: 23/11/18 - 30/01/19

Galerie van Gelder

Lily van der Stokker is known for short texts that she integrates in her work. With an exclamation or question mark the works are thinking and talking. The lines of text show her personal thoughts, very unusual in art. For example "Kees (gallery owner) and I (artist) we always fight about VAT in our sales prices" or "Transfer that money to me." In short, the art works behave almost like people, as she says. In her solo exhibition 'Here and here and here' in Galerie van Gelder this commentary art is elaborated with a mural, a canvas and various drawings. Although exuberant use of color is another feature of her work, she now reveals a more subdued but also loose tone, which accentuates the content of her words even more. CUT magazine issue 19 comes with contributions of Lily van der Stokker, Jaap Kroneman and Wjm Kok. Lily van der Stokker has added a piece of wrapping paper called "Pakpapier" and added also a sticker "Poor museum". Wjm Kok made a fragrance-multiple "Love in White", especially for this issue. Simultaneously, until 24 February 2019, an extensive solo exhibition called "Friendly good" runs at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. A catalogue has been published by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Migros Museum in Zurich.