Ansuya Blom

Ansuya Blom 1956

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.
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Galerie van Gelder

The description of man in general has long been the theme of Ansuya Blom. In addition to making films, the steady progress of drawing in the studio is an unstoppable need, in which the drawing of lines is sometimes as time-bound as the medium of film, it seems. The use of words and phrase fragments often occur in her work. Words like 'guilt', 'anxiety' and 'sin' are words that are strongly connected to command and punishment. She calls these words "strict" and prefers to avoid them as often as possible, by covering those narrow words with, for example, drawn black and red-brown ants. In various drawings she makes use of an almost illegible handwriting in order to create an incantation in this way. Another way for her to characterize the human condition is to denounce the "dizziness of freedom". An ambiguous freedom as it arises when Kierkegaard's character Vigilius Haufniensis stands on the brink of an abyss and has the freedom to choose to give in to the impulse to allow itself to be absorbed in the depth. Or to quickly turn back anxiously, therewith avoiding a deadly trap. Ansuya Blom has a weakness for man that is afraid to make wrong choices and can not save itself or who is seen as deviant by the other person. KvG

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This is a fragment of "Ysabel's Table Dance" is an early film of Ansuya Blom, made in 1978. In short one could say that the joy of life is continuously drawn back by the physical limits of the human body. Or the other way around, the possibility of joy of life is there as long as the body and mind are not dragging the human situations down.


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