Ansuya Blom, Just
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Galerie van Gelder

Technique: blackboard paint, gouache pen on paper, framed
Size: 35 x 26 cm
Edition: Unique work
Price range: € 1.000 - € 2.000
Status: for sale

Just, 2014

"Just" from 2014 by Ansuya Blom shows a drawn interior in which - apart from two half lines - the walls and floor are missing. Reluctant contour lines make a dresser, table, chair, lamp and door loom up. Ansuya Blom shows to us an interior drawn with closed eyes, to see if her hand could give them a place and so seen from the thinking space in her head. The result is wonderfully intimate and her post-processing with white dots create a dreamy precision. A jewel of a work. Ansuya Blom: "The relationship and frictions that exist between the individual and the external world are at the basis of my work, resulting in misunderstandings, misconceptions and confusions, and I find it interesting to make these moments of collision visible."