Nynke Koster

Nynke Koster (1986)

Lives in Den Haag. Works in Den Haag.

Koster's work balances on the border between design and autonomous work. When does an object become furniture, and when can furniture be seen as a work of art? And what are the consequences of this question of definitions on the interaction between object and spectator? To find the answers to these questions Koster creates synthetic casts of architectural fragments, spaces and bodies. Nynke Koster graduated from the Royal Academy of arts in The Hage (KABK) in July 2013. After studying interior architecture she chose to devote her efforts to the combination of furniture design and visual art. "There is more freedom to grab there, to create works that are very close to yourself." Her graduation project involved making casts of the building the academy is housed in. In 2014 she exhibited this collection, Coexist, during the Milan design week. She was awarded the D'SIGN award for lifestyle design in 2014 as well.