Art Rotterdam 2019, Tamara Dees, Shawn Stipling, Jan van Munster, Jus Juchtmans, Harry Markusse, P.B. Van Rossem,

Art Rotterdam 2019

Show: 06/02/19 - 10/02/19

Galerie van den Berge
Artists presented

Galerie van den Berge - stand 60 Jan van Munster (NL), Tamara Dees (NL), Harry Markusse (NL), Jus Juchtmans (BE), P. B. Van Rossem (BE) en Shawn Stipling (UK).

At the fair we show a new installation and recent works by Tamara Dees, a 'Brainwave' and a number of larger images by Jan van Munster, new mixed media works by P.B. Van Rossem, paintings by Jus Juchtmans, works by Shawn Stipling and a series of new, objective drawings by Harry Markusse.