Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi 1968

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.
Represented by:

Lumen Travo Galerie

Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi works are mainly two dimesional. She works with video/ film, drawings and painting. Her films find themselves on the border of fiction and documentary and examine different options of story telling (visually and verbally). Her most recent long film "The Day I disappeared", 62 min 2011, is a personal story of a crisis of identity as a result of immigration. The film was shown at many International film festivals and won the Netpac award at Rotterdam International film festival. Her drawings, videos and film works are stories delved in the ephemeral layers of her memories. She throws her images almost literally onto the paper -images of objects and portraits that conceal a profusion of symbolic associations. Personal memories tend to pop up not in a clear-cut way, but blurred, vague and deformed. Rather than representing a plain narrative, Her works represent visual poetry. Life, her life is caught in lyrical lines. Expressed in feathery layers of papers and moving images.

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Education 1986-1989 Physics Tehran Azad University 1990-1992 Astronomy Physics University of Groningen Netherlands 1992-1995 Visual Art, Painting/drawing Minerva Art Academy Gronigen Netherlands 2000-2002 Video,Film Post Graduate Sandberg institute Amsterdam Netherlands Degree Master of Fine Arts Grants 2012 project grant Mondriaan fund 2010 Project grant Dutch visual Arts Fund 2010 Basic Grant Dutch Visaul Arts Fund 2007-2010 Project Sidewyas Intendant for cultural diversity Dutch Visual arts Fund Fonds BKVB 2007 Research & development Dutch film fund 2005 Reseach & development Dutch film fund 2002 Stipentium Dutch Visual arts Fund 1998 Stipentium Dutch Visual arts Fund Occupations 2012 Teacher At Rietveld Academy 2011-2014 Member of selection commitie Mondriaan Fonds 2010 Member of advise committee Live Grants Fonds BKVB 2009 Member of advise committee Cultural Diversity Fund BKVB 2007-2009 Intendant cultural diversity Fund BKVB 2006 One minute video workshops European Cultural Foundation 2005-2007 Member of advise committee Artist residency Townhouse Gallery Cairo 2005-2007 Member of advise committee Artist residency IASPIS Stokholm 2005-2007 Member of advise committee Artist residency Platform Garantie Istanbul 2004-2007 Member of advise committee regular Grabts Fonds BKVB Biography/Filmography Exhibition 2015 Screening My own 1000 m2 Worm Rotterdam Art Amsterdam Lumen Travo Gallery Group Exhibition Lumen Travo Gallery 2014 Art Rotterdam, Lumen Travo Gallery Rotterdam Solo Exhibition Dynamism of a Dream LumenTravo Gallry Amsterdam 2013 Screening an afternoon in Tehran at IFFR, International Rotterdam ff 2012 Screening The Day I Disappeared at Parking Gallery Tehran Iran 2011 Whats new Meuseum for contemporary art Arnhem Netherlands 2010 Sideways Meuseum for contemporary art Arnhem Netherlands 2008 Sideways in Tehran Azad Gallery Tehran Iran 2007 Hidden women Museum Our Lord on Attic Amsterdam 2006 MediaMatic Le Mepris Amsterdam 2005 Arti e Amitciae Amsterdam 2004 Withe Box new york Monte video Amsterdam 2003 La nuit American Arti e Amitiae Outline Amsterdam 2002 Smart Projects Amsterdam Cinema sculpture De hage One minute Bienale centraal museum Utrecht Film museum Amsterdam Vhs Video festival Wilde weten Rotterdam 2001 One minute Montevideo Kunst Vlai Amsterdam 2000 Sandberg 2 Hooren Arti e Amitciae Amsterdam Kunst Vlai Amsterdam 1999 Doel zonder oorzaak Paradiso Doel zonder oorzaak W139 uitgelicht Kunst Rai Amsterdam uitgelicht Kunst Vlai Amsterdam Gallery Sib helinga Beetsterzwaag 1998 Gallery Fibeiti Amsterdam gele rijder Arnhem Publications 2015 De volkskrant 2016-2013 Tekst exhibition Dynamism of the dream by Arturo Desimone 2011 Eutopia Magazine 2010 Sideways Publication, reflections on changing contexts in Art 2008 Sidewyas in Tehran Publication Idfa 2008 Catalogue Biography/Filmography 2008 Women International filmfestiva cologne 2007 Hidden Women Catalogue Cinema Withouth Borders Digital Journal Trouw News paper interview 2006 IDFA 2006 catalouge Coriere del Mezzogiorno Le Mepris/ contempt 2003 News From Home La nuit American 2002 Prix de Rome2002 Catalogue 2001 worldOneMinute DVD Catalogue 2000 One minute video LosAngeles Kunstvlai 1999 Doel Zonder oorzaak catalogue Uitgelicht 1998 project Legth dept.. Festivals 2013 Different Screen Seoul SouthKorea The Day I disappeared Different Screen Clear well UK The Day I disappeared 2012 Taiwan International Documentary filmfestival Taiwan International Frauenfilmfestival Cologne/ Dortmund Germany 2011 Cinemanila international filmfestival Philipins internaltional Competition DocLeipzig young Talent Competition Germany The Netherlands Filmfestival Femina International Women Filmfestival Rio de Janero , Competition International Filmfestival Rotterdam Bright future The Day I Disappeared 2009 European Short filmfestival Cologne Germany 12 days of waiting 2008 International documentaryfestival Amsterdam 12 days of waiting Beging Olympic One minutes China No way out Jakson Hights Film Festival New Yoyrk US My own 1000 m2 international Womens filmfestival Dortmund My own 1000 m2meters 2008 Media wave international festival hungary My own 1000 square 2007 Jihalva International Documentary Festival CZECH REPUBLIC Dutch Film festival Utrecht the Netherlands My own 1000sq m2 AGH International Film& Video Festival Hamilton Ontario Canada, Scanners New York Video Festival My own 1000sq metres EMAF European Media Art Fetsival Osnabruk Germany My own 100 Courtisane Festival Gent Belgium My own 1000sq metres International Film Festival Rotterdam IFFR My own 1000m2 2006 IDFA 2006 My own 1000 m2 Pietreche cantano Festival Puglia Italy Short Film Corner Cannes Film festival 2005 Zemos98Film Festival Sevillia Spain Almost a stilllife 2002 Gorcum film festival Ant's I view Film by the see Flissingen Ant's I view 2001 Short film festival SHORTS One minute video Awards Amsterdam Paradiso (Nomination) 2000 One minute videofestival Los Angeles USA Biography/Filmography 2000 One minute video Kunst Vlaai Amsterdam the Netherlands Theatrical& Tv Screening 2013 Different Screen Seoul Korea The Day I Disappeared Different Screen, Clearwel UK 2008 FilmBank TV My own 1000 m2 2007 Verkadefabriek Den Bosch My own 1000sq metres Lux Nijmegen My own 1000sq metres Focus Filmtheater Arnhem My own 1000sq metres Hoogt Utrecht My own 1000sq metres Plaza Futura Eindhoven My own 1000sq metres Lantaren/Venster Rotterdam My own 1000sq metres Cinema de Balie Amsterdam My own 1000sq metres Filmhuis Delft My own 1000sq metres Vera Zienema Groningen My own 1000sq metres Filmhuis Den Haag My own 1000sq metres 2006 New Arrivals 2004 One minute program 2003 One minute program 2002 One minute program 2000 Ketelhuis Amsterdam Biography Awards 2011 Netpac award International Filmfestival Rotterdam for best asian film, 2011( The Day I Disappeared) Filmography 2013 an afternoon in Tehran 14min experimantal documentary 2011 The Day I Disappeared 63min/DocuFition 2008 12 days of waiting 22min documentary 2006 My own 1000 square meters 14 min Documentary 2002 Ant's I view 20min video 2001 Almost a still life 10min 2000 Table Oneminute video 1999 BioGraphy Oneminute video Lectures & Teaching 2015 Guest Lecture at Master Film Academi 2012 Guest Teacher Iranian cinema, Netherlands Film Academi 2011 Poduiom Mozaik Pannel Discution Iranian Artist In Netherlands 2010 Geust Teacher Academi Artez Lecture 2008 Lecture, Red lines NP3 Gronigen 2008 Lecture, Iran re dGlienmesak De hage Ageust Teacher cademy of design end architectre Groningen Lecture Intendant Cultural Diversity Felix meritus Amsterdam Guest Teacher Willem de koning Academy