Albarrán Cabrera 1969

Lives in Barcelona. Works in Barcelona.
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Kahmann Gallery

Albarrán Cabrera consists of photographers Anna Cabrera (1969, Sevilla) and Angel Albarrán (1969, Barcelona) who work and live together as a collaborative duo based in Barcelona. The overarching question in the work of Albarrán Cabrera is how images trigger individual memories in each viewer, depending on their social and cultural background. For Albarrán Cabrera, photography is a means of explaining complex subjects and the relationship between these concepts without using linguistics, which can complicate matters further. As the saying goes, a picture really does say a thousand words. “There is a gap between reality and what we understand as real. And photography lies in the frontier between the real and unreal, the true and the false. So it helps us to “see” what is hidden from us…Using photography we might not be able to answer the big questions about time, reality or space, but we are interested in exploring how a photographic image can make people think about their reality. Being aware is not just an important part of life; it is life as we know it. Using photography, we want the viewers to increase empathy and arouse interest towards their reality.” The duo sees their photographs as objects: by handcrafting their prints using classic printing methods and materials such as platinum, silver halide, or inventing new ones like pigment prints on gold leaf, every copy becomes a unique work. All this effort serves a single purpose: to give the viewer more parameters to play with than just the image, giving it literal extra layers of meaning.

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This Is You Here - Anna P. Cabrera & Angel Albarrán | LensCulture


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