Ian Carr, Josilda da Conceição Gallery

Ian Carr (1987)

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.

If I must identify myself within the context of art, its makers, and its history I must call myself a sculptor. I must call myself a sculptor because it is in this medium that I best relate to the former and to my physical, social, and metaphysical surroundings. Art is a reaction to the phenomenon of physical existence and should be held as a civic duty. ABOUT THE SCULPTURES My sculptural work consists of what I call "real-world materials". The steel comes from the same mill as the steel in our skyscrapers, the wood comes from the carpenters' supplier, the glass is paned and cut, the paint formulated to withstand heat, cold, and rain. The forms the sculptures take have strong relations to architecture, infrastructure, weaponry, and machinery, and sometimes take directly from these things, because these things define our society. And whether the AK-47 and atom bomb are deemed good or bad, art does not judge, so I as an artist must leave the judgment to the moralists and simply react to the surroundings I find myself in. ABOUT THE PAINTINGS/DRAWINGS This other half of my "search for the absolute," as Kandinsky once put it are seen as object rather than depiction. They are built from the materials of line, color, and surface, rather than wood and metal. These materials have different abilities and strengths and allow me as the artist to deal with a different side of the human condition, a more intimate side. Often times my 2-dimensional works are autonomous and should be seen as finished works in themselves. Yet at other times the 2D work is an extension of my sculptures, much like the building with a banner of celebration running across its crown. A word from Charlie Finch (ArtNet.com,1998-2012; Coagula Art Journal, 1992-1998)... "Ian Carr has a perfect relationship with space. When he finds the right object, the place for it is already there in his head. It's a natural ability, can't be taught, and the result is the most seamless abstract sculpture since the days of Flavin and Judd. Nothing is wasted, it all fits together and the negative distance between Ian's positive objects strums Ian's lines, 'like a mandolin.' ''

Josilda da Conceição Gallery

Amsterdam - Nederland
CV Ian Carr
Education: 2006 - 2011 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL. - Bachelor Degree Fine Arts. 2005 - 2006 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL. - Vooropleidingsjaar 2003 - 2005 Greater Hartford Academy of Performing Arts, Connecticut, U.S.A. Exhibitions: 2018- May Depth Over Distance Curated by Neil Fortune Vox Pop - Amsterdam, NL 2016- October I've Lost Control Again Curated by Tracy McKenna Flinn Gallery - Greenwich, CT 2015- August PUNCH Curated by Rachel Yidana Overthrow Boxing Club - New York, NY 2015- April AOT Project Salon Spring Benefit AOT Project Salon - Brooklyn, NY 2015- March Future Origins Curated by Daine Coppola Gallery Rene Mele - New York, NY 2015- January Ian J. Carr: Select Drawings AOT Project Salon - Brooklyn, NY 2014- August Broken Language Curated by Daine Coppola REVERSE Space - Brooklyn, NY 2014- January Group Exhibition: Introductions Trestle Gallery - Brooklyn, NY 2013- October Gowanus Open Studios 2013 Brooklyn, NY 2013- May Group Exhibition: BROTKATZE - COLLABORATIONS IV Kunststück Berlin - Berlin, DE 2012- September Group Exhibition Loft 594 - Brooklyn, NY 2012- June Group Exhibition: Nu_Con: Three new voices in multimedia Heesterveld Creative Community - Amsterdam, NL 2012- May Group Exhibition: Decolonized Mindz Curated by Johannes Adahl Marxism Festival, CREA - Amsterdam, NL 2012- February Group Exhibition: Carr, Fortune, Holst VS. Hercules and the Teto Project Teto Projects - Amsterdam, NL 2011- July Group Exhibition: Graduation Show Gerrit Rietveld Academie - Amsterdam, NL 2009- September Group show, MAC Gallery - Middletown, CT 2009- August Solo Exhibition Utrecht Art - Boston, MA 2008- April Group Exhibition De Service Garage - Amsterdam, NL