Marcel Wesdorp 1965

Lives in Rotterdam. Works in Rotterdam.
Represented by:

Galerie Helder

Born in Netherlands (1965) and graduated at Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam and the advanced programme in photography at St. Joost Academy in Breda, Wesdorp creates computerized animations of landscapes. Prints of these digitally developed areas seem to be real photographs, uniquely named by their specific xyz co-ordinates. But at a second glance you are struck by an unknown reality that lies beyond. Some steps in this process lead to unsuspected and surprisingly catching images, each of them with a most sensitive and enigmatic touch, as may be seen in his PW series. Apart from the purely software based techniques, the collection and modelling of existing satellite data and maps is a second intricate field of work of the artist. Here another elaborate few years were needed to complete the paper-printed black and white ‘Untitled World File’. Wesdorp continues to investigate new ways to show what lies beyond the surface.

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Marcel Wesdorp
Marcel Wesdorp
Marcel Wesdorp

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Wesdorp’s work has been shown several times at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (2007-2011), at Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen (2012), in Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2012), Erasmus University, Rotterdam (2013) and with gallery Helder among others in the solo presentation at KunstRAI, Amsterdam (2015).


Education 1994, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam Exhibitions 2018 - Coordinated Coordinates, met Anna Lange, Sandro Setola, Joris Kuipers, galerie Helder 2017 - Still Remains, groep presentatie, galerie Helder 2015 - Solo presentatie, KunstRai, galerie Helder
- Deelname aan: Kunstmanifestatie Symposion Gorinchem 2015
 - Being There, duo expositie met Frank van der Salm, Galerie Helder, - Galerie Helder, presentatie op Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair 2014 - Starts working on Mind over Matter
- Galerie Helder, presentatie op kunstRAI, Amsterdam
 - Galerie Helder, publicatie Tot ergens aan voorbij
 - Across The opposite [exhibition with Otto Egberts], Galerie Helder, Den Haag
 - Lens Culture, Contemporary Photography LensCulture, Contemporary Photography 2013 - Salon Zerp, Zic Zerp Gallery, Rotterdam
- Photo Festival Schiedam / Taken from real life - Trompe L'oeil, Schiedam
- Monopole, [photo drawings with Sarah van der Pols], Erasmus University Art Gallery, Monopole Rotterdam
- Art Warehouse, Zic Zerp Gallery, Rotterdam
- Starts working on Where are you, when you hear nothing and seeing nothing 2012 - Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid - "Virtual Topographies" - Palais de Tokyo, Paris
- Noorderlicht 2012 /Terra Cognita - Into the Unknown, Museum Belvédère, Heerenveen | - Club A Project, Zic Zerp Gallery, Amsterdam - Everything is quiet now, third and second movie in the triptych: I Wish I Couldn't Lie / Out of Nothing
- ASSET - Rotterdam University Art Collection, Book
- Hidden Treasures, Visual Arts Center Schiedam | Pavilion Rotterdam 2011 - Zic Zerp Gallery 2011 P.ART of your life, Zwolle [photo drawing with Sarah van der Pols] - x4985.41/y4985.41/z-34.12[Home is where the heart is] presentation Zic Zerp Gallery, Rotterdam
- The intangible future, Guest lecturer Project Week Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam - Graphos Biennale 2011, 's-Hertogenbosch [photo drawings with Sarah van der Pols]
- ZZ POP-UP Show, Rotterdam
- Human Condition - Animations & Video from the Netherlands, Onomato Künstlerverein, Dusseldorf
- Documentary about the exhibition Out of Nothing, Wim Noordhoek, and subsequently an Interview, VPRO Radio 6
- Unisono 23: Marcel Wesdorp. Out of Nothing, solo exhibition Stedelijk Museum Schiedam - Publication topographic map: Untitled - Nameless - Sans Nom 1:25 000
- Start Everything is quiet now, third and and second movie In the triptych I Wish I Could Lie / Out of Nothing 2010 - Purchase Out of Nothing, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam | John Cage Of What Is And What Might Have Been, Schunck, Heerlen
- Everything is good here, 300procent Gallery, Rotterdam [photo drawings with Sarah van der Pols] 2009 - Out of Nothing | Preview 1, solo presentation 300procent Gallery, Rotterdam - 'Brown and Pink noise' conducts research on the movement of sound in waves length
- Guest Professor Willem de Kooning Academy
- Witsel Sigh, presentation in duplo at the former auction Hercules, Schiedam 2008 - Body contrast nature [photo drawings with Sarah van der Pols], 300procent Gallery, Rotterdam 2007 - Decor Schiedam, Impulses from the city, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
- Interview by Froukje Holtrop for the magazine Musis | Start Out of Nothing 2006 - Auto Reverse, Gallery 300procent, Schiedam | Start I Wish I Could Lie 2005 - Conducts research into the possibility of a virtual landscape. Photo Drawings – begins collaboration with Sarah van der Pols 2004 - Ends after two years the project The Green Ray, and decides to bring this work later to the public 2002 - 2003 - The Garden; commissioned Arts Application Social Insurance Rotterdam Glass Photo of 740 to 260cm.
- Use and Enjoyment: The Rise of the natures, Artwalk, Amsterdam
- Idea Sketch council offices, Middelburg 2001 Gallery Ingenhoven, Esbeek | Sketch Assignment AXA Insurance, Rotterdam 2000 Works on When my eyes are closed, I'm whispering noises to the background of my mouth | "But none was so well known in her voice" purchased by Inter Linden CV 1999 - 2000 Training HBO Master Photography, AKV St. Joost, Breda. | The Salon, Kunsthal, Rotterdam | "But none was so well known in her voice", solo presentation Nova Zemla, 's Hertogenbosch 1996 - 1999 Works on "But no one was so known in her voice" 1995 A Book, purchased by the Central Book House, Culemborg | Mycelium, former building of Agricultural Importance, Maastricht 1994 Handle without plugs, Haagweg Arts Centre, Leiden | Contest/sketch ING Bank; collaboration with Petra Laaper | Graduation Presentation in the Observatory Gallery, Rotterdam 1992 - 1993 Works on "A Book" and"errores". | Les Choces, solo exhibition Exhibition Space Wijnhaven, Rotterdam | A Interplay of Senses; collaboration with Josephine Jansen and Daniel Smith at the School for New Dance Development Amsterdam 1991 White noise, conducts research on the movement of sound in a confined space | 'untitled' solo exhibition Exhibition Space Wijnhaven, Rotterdam | experimenting with glass pictures 1990 Publishes 2 books with absurd short stories.