Continuous Diversity, Gerco de Ruijter, Ron van der Ende, Marcel Wesdorp, Rob Verf, Robin Kolleman,

Continuous Diversity

Show: 02/03/19 - 06/04/19

Galerie Helder
Artists presented

Opening zaterdag 02 maart 16:00u Marcel Wesdorp (initiator) Ron van der Ende Robin Kolleman Gerco de Ruijter Rob Verf

Artist Marcel Wesdorp initiated 'Continuous Diversity'. In search for the continuity of his artistry, he experiences various stages in which the original idea develops into the final form. This transformation of the idea into 'the artwork itself' is what Wesdorp calls 'the essence of his work'. This process feeds the necessity of creating a work of art; it responds to the challenge that he poses and gives meaning to be engaged with art. In short, the exploratory way gives the pleasure that he experiences to the unbearable lightness of his artist's existence. Wesdorp asked several related artists to make an exhibition together with Helder Gallery, which could illustrate this process. All works of art were specially chosen for this purpose, to relate to Wesdorp's ideas as a kind of proof, argument, representation, reflection or example. Such a process is also an exciting research, which at the same time offers ways for new insights by entering into dialogue with each other's work. The works hang, lie and stand in the gallery space that has its own validity, its character and size. They relate to each other like, for example, singing voices do in the score of a piece of music. 'Continuous Diversity' thus illustrates a way to look at art from different artist perspectives. The viewer is invited to let those hidden inner landscapes reveal themselves. Marcel Wesdorp creates inner landscapes using digital technology and printed in unimaginable shades of grey. He creates his world from a first idea, thereafter to be controlled by processes. Gerco de Ruijter photographs the real world from a vertical perspective. His object is the natural and cultural landscape. Using photo technique, he imagines the earth from a bird's-eye view, without a horizon. Ron van der Ende constructs a perspective experience of his subject on a perfect scale. He transforms second-hand timber with its own character into fantastic objects. Driven by this unique working method, he loses himself in time and space. Robin Kolleman investigates the border area of acceptance within the physical (social) traffic between people and / or animals and the consequences and results thereof. She depicts, for example, the area between closeness and vulnerability, between violence and innocence. Rob Verf paints a reality that arises from fanciful abstractions. His reality involves a game between virtual and real realities. Intermediate stages of human existence become visible in a digital world.