Ashley Zelinskie 1986

Lives in New York (USA). Works in New York (USA).
Represented by:

Torch Gallery

Ashley Zelinskie is a young New York artist trying to preserve our cultural heritage for the day the robots take over. She uses code and 3D-printing as a means of translation from human endeavor to digital understanding. The objects she configures are all in some way based in the information that masterpieces and grand cultural concepts provide. By creating a hexadecimal code of the Mona Lisa or a digital model of the golden ratio she is able to playfully establish a bond between mysticism and hard abstract data. Or as she puts it: "Robots need magic". Her work is the visualisation of a new social language. A lot of it stems from her digital citizenship, her immersion in the social structures of the web. She searches for ways to preserve the inherit history and aura of iconic culture within the fast paced and completely intertwined image culture she finds online. The object she creates are uniquely self-referential. In their execution they include the very code the shape is based on. In this way she is able to (methaphorically) capture an object as both data and tangible reality.

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