Line Gulsett 1981

Lives in Amsterdam, NL. Works in Amsterdam, NL.
Represented by:

Torch Gallery

Line Gulsett is a promising young painter who works and lives in The Hague, the Netherlands. She finished her education at the KABK (royal academy for visual arts) in 2011. Her work is surprisingly mature in style and gesture for a painter her age. The large-scale paintings are instantly recognizable. She cleverly uses oil paint to suggest fleeting movements and she obscures the faces and features of her painted figures as to emphasize their macabre poetic aesthetic. Besides the ingenious suggestion of movement that signifies her style she creates painted environments that simultaneously seem to be an abstract exploration of paint and a suggestion of a dream landscape. In these landscapes she often takes on a bird's eye view or an otherwise skewed perspective that can make her works drift between figurative and the surreal. Her subject matter seems to stem from childlike dreams. They appear to be fragments of a child's imagination which occur just before the onset of a nightmare. Girls wearing skirts in vibrant colours sprint between traffic signs and wild dogs. Figures are cut of at knee height and only show a insecure wobble of legs painted purposely awkward. In her newer works these gothic dreamscapes are cut off with hard undiluted colours and sharply edged geometrical shapes. Here again her fascination with paint over subject shines trough.

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Born; 1981 , Tønsberg, Norway. Norwegian artist Member of: Uks , Young Artist society, Norway NBK, Norwegian artist society, Norway Represented by : TORCH gallery, Amsterdam,Nl Camara Oscura galeria de arte, Madrid , Es Education: 2007- 2011 BA degree , KABK Royal academy of fine arts, Den Haag, Nederland. 2006-2007 Billedskolen , ,DK 2006-2004 Traditional private schooling under artist J.Esmann, DK 2004 Glyptotekests classical drawing school/Asbjørn Jacobsen, DK 2003 University of Bergen, Examen Philosoficum,NO 2002-2003 Høyskolen i Vestfold Sociology, No Residency: Eastside International Los Angeles, Usa , spring 2018 Leipzig Internationale artist program, summer/autum 2015 Exhibitions 2018 ” Into the wild blue yonder ” , Group expo ,Torch gallery , Amsterdam , Nl 2018 Pop up , ESXLA , Los Angeles , USA 2017 – 2018 – Pendulum, soloexpo, Camera Oscura gallery ,Madrid,Es 2017 -2018 Proof of Life – Lebenszeichen in der Kunst , curated group Expo ,Weserburg Museum für moderne kunst, Bremen , Germany 2017 Inaugural Washington 186, Groupexpo with solo presantation , WASHINGTON 186 arranged by Aeroplastic gallery & W186, Brussels,Be 2017 6voor6, Art fair, Group exhibition, Torch Gallery ,Amsterdam,Nl 2017 Rapid Repulsion, Solo exhibition, Torch Gallery ,Amsterdam,Nl 2016, This art fair, Beurs van Berlage,Amsterdam, Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, Nl 2016 , Beyond, iamsterdam youbeberlin ,Berlin , Germany curated show. Torch Gallery , solo show by Tina Säuerlander 2016 Art Rotterdam, art fair, Torch Gallery, NL 2015 Unheimlich, Leipzig internationale artist program, Group show, De Spinnerei, ,Leipzig ,DE 2015 Summer show . Leipzig Internationale Artist program ,De Spinnerei, Leipzig , DE 2015 LIA ,Liepzig,Germany ,Residency program 2014 AIR nr 9 art fair, TORCH gallery,Amsterdam, NL 2014 IN / Out , Camara Oscura Galleria de Arte, Madrid,ES 2014 ESTAMPA Madrid, art fair, Camara Oscura ,Es 2014 Pop- Up , de Kunstdames a selection, Gronningen, Nl 2014 Amsterdam Drawing 2014, art fair for original works on paper, Torch gallery, Nl 2014 30 years of fire, Torch gallery, Nl 2014 Accomplices 2, Kunstlab Deventer, Deventer, NL 2014 Accomplices 2 , TETEM Kunstruimte, Enschede, NL. 2013- 2014 Toxic Trail , TORCH gallery ,Amsterdam, Nl, Soloshow 2013 Art Miami, art fair, TORCH gallery, USA 2013 Amsterdam Drawing , Art fair on original works on paper. TORCH Gallery, NL 2013 Komplizen, Buro Beukorest / TAC, Eindhoven, Nl 2013 Komplizen, Ostrale ,Dredsen ,DE ( group show) 2013 Eye exile , Heppenheim kunstverein, Germany. Soloshow. 2013 Art Rotterdam, art fair, Torch Gallery, Nl 2012 Pulse Miami, Torch Gallery, USA 2012 PAN Amsterdam, Torch Gallery. Amsterdam, NL 2012 Scope Art Basel, Camera oscura, galleria de arte , Basel, CH 2012 Kunst Rai, Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, NL 2012 New York Pulse art fair , Torch gallery, New York ,USA 2012 ”Game remains the same” Camera oscura gallerie arte, Madrid, Es ( solo) 2012 Art Rotterdam art fair ,TORCH Gallery, NL 2012 ” Ongekendt” young masters, CBK Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL 2011 Menzis young talent show, Menzis , The Hauge, NL 2011 ”Ernstig Gesichkt! ” juryed exhibition , Plaatsmaken/ G.A.N.G , Arnhem , NL 2011 ”Summer exhibition ” TORCH gallery , Amsterdam, NL 2011 Final Exam, KABK Royal academy The hauge, NL 2011 ” Linke Hobbys” Hoop ,The Hauge, NL 2010 ”Made in utlandet” Juvenarte, juryed exhibition, Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, No 2009 ” Import / Export” Juvenarte , juryed exhibition, Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, No 2008 ” Salon des debutantes” Royal Gallery, Kabk, The Hauge, NL Semi-public and public collections: BP. Nl / GB Menzis,Nl Heden,Nl Jan des Bouvrie Collection,NL Hugo and ClaraBrown Collection, Nl anonynmous collector , will donate one work to Stedelijk Museum, NL Various private international collections: Norway, The Nederlands; Russia, Spain, Usa, Germany Publications: Kunstbeeld, Schilderkunst in NL,Generatie 2.0 – the new generation of painters in the Nederlands. El Pais El Cultural Tønsbergs Blad Mertopolis M (inetrnet version) Trendbeheer blogg Zoo magazine. Internett version Nov / Dec 2013 Kunst trøkk. Awards: 2004 Drømmestipendet from Norsk tipping for special painting talent.