Eelco Brand 1969

Lives in Rotterdam. Works in Rotterdam.
Represented by:

Torch Gallery

Imitation is a part of being human. Eelco Brand uses both paint and digital techniques to create images that reflect his conception of nature. In this sense his works are not so much the depiction of an actual place or event, but the way he imagined it and modelled it in the calculated space of digital art. Viewing his work can be both an alienating and deeply human experience. His subjects are modelled to the utmost detail to create a kind of hyperreal cosmos, a simulacrum of nature. Still, we experience these models of forests, cars and mountains as pure conveyers of meaning. These static images speak the language of scale, light, repetition, infinite detail and the deeper meaning of a simple gesture.

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B1.movi, 2012, digital animation, continuous, silent video installation; LED screen 40" stainless steel sculptures 1x ø800mm + 1x ø600mm, ed. 3