Sam Andrea

Sam Andrea (1991)

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.

Normally a concise biography would suffice for an artist who had recently left the academy. Sam Andrea’s biography (Amsterdam, 1991) would probably list that he graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in 2018 and learned to draw with artist Frans Franciscus before that. No matter how recently Andrea graduated, such a biography does not do him justice. To begin with, Andrea was the only one of his class who worked with a brush on canvas and was consequently labelled a romantic anachronism by his teachers. For Andrea, however, working with a brush on a canvas is a necessary mental and physical battle. "If it wasn't a fight, it wouldn't be interesting either." This attitude is typical of Andrea's worldview: he detests neo-liberalism and advancing gentrification of Amsterdam, nor is Andrea particularly happy with stylized Instagram posts or polished internet art. According to Andrea we have lost contact with ourselves because of that cleanliness and it is important to accept our ugly, dark side to find ourselves and to see what is beautiful. That dark side consists of self-destruction, violence and sex. It is these primal instincts that have a prominent place in Andrea's work. Although Andrea's work is figurative and interspersed with autobiographical elements, his worldview, which has been boned to primal instincts, gives his work an almost physical charge with universal recognisability. To get to that core, Andrea, often together with his muse, half-uncle and stuntman Jef, consciously or unconsciously seeks out extreme situations, which tend to be on the fringes of society. For his work, Andrea draws from car accidents and wassails and from the boxing and sex parties that he organizes under the title Sexy Violence.

Galerie Vriend van Bavink
Amsterdam - Nederland
Sam Andrea, Sam Andrea in his Studio
Sam Andrea in his Studio
Sam Andrea, Sam Andrea in his Studio
Sam Andrea in his Studio
Sam Andrea, Sam Andrea in het Avro Opium Atelier, juli 2019 ,
Sam Andrea in het Avro Opium Atelier, juli 2019 ,
Sam Andrea - Piket prijzen

Market position

Sam Andrea's work has not gone unnoticed. In the year that he graduated, 2018, his work was shown at Galerie Vriend van Bavink and he was nominated for the Piket Kunstprijs. In the jury report, Suzanne Swarts, director of Museum Voorlinden, described Andrea as: “A true painter. Someone who likes nothing better than painting”. Swarts adds: “He tells a story that appeals to everyone's imagination. It is really about being human, while showing the most diverse emotions and passions open and exposed.” This summer Andrea had an exhibition at the former art history institute of the University of Amsterdam, where he presented work he had made during his stay at Lab Kalkhorst, a castle that serves as an artist retreat in eastern Germany. In 2020 Andrea wants to work in Los Angeles for a while. His main reason is that the US is currently an interesting place politically and socially, but also because it is a large market for arts. In an interview Andrea added: “I don't paint for myself. I want my work to be seen by many people”.

CV Sam Andrea

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