Lawrence James Bailey

Lawrence James Bailey 1976

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.
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Galerie Bart


Lawrence James Bailey collects material from his surroundings, which he photographs and combines to make new representations in his studio. In the type of ‘landscape’ that he uses as a source, a kind of human presence is tangible: ‘The border area where the city and the surrounding landscape meet. A kind of no man’s land where hardly anybody goes and where criminal activities take place.’ In a world where people control most of the existing nature, he sees these terrains as the new wilderness. ‘You won’t be eaten up by a wolf, but it can be dangerous there just the same and end up in confrontations.’ The beer cans, stolen handbags, condom wrappings and cigarette butts he finds in these ‘edgelands’ are at odds with romantic ideas about landscape. He combines such objects to make a new whole in his textile pieces, which are layered both in terms of their construction and references. ‘An organic mix of realities.’ Whereas he previously ‘drew’ with thread and a sewing machine, now Lawrence frequently recycles textile and embroidery that he finds in second-hand shops or on Marktplaats, the Internet marketplace. A method of working that ties in with how he collects his source material. The landscapes that he creates in his banners, flags and wall hangings, accompanied by poetic or provoking texts, gain a history of their own. The longer you look at them, the more their story unfolds. What do you see when you look around the corner?

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Lawrence James Bailey (15 februari 1976, Stoke-on-Trent, UK) lives and works in Amsterdam ART EDUCATION 1999-2001 > De Ateliers, Amsterdam, NL 1995-1998 > BA Fine Art, Hull School of Art, University of Humberside, U.K 1994-1995 > Foundation Studies in Art and Design, Staffordshire University, U.K SOLO PRESENTATIONS 2017 > Individual artist presentation at This Art Fair, Beurs van Beurlage, Amsterdam, NL 2017 > A Miracle Will Happen (Duo Exhibition with Frans van Tartwijk), Galerie Bart Nijmegen, NL 2015 > The Gates Open, Art West Open Ateliers, Amsterdam, NL 2008 > The In and The Out, Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam, NL 2005 > Shapshifters and Working Wear, Deiska, Amsterdam, NL 2004 > Cluedo, Deiska, Amsterdam, NL 2001 > Travelling Stage Show, Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam, NL SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2018 > Graphicall, 4BidGallery, Amsterdam, NL 2018 > Brownfield Research Center, AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, UK 2018 > Tekenkabinet 6, Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam, NL 2017 > Boxshop, OT301, Amsterdam, NL 2015 > Art West, De Hallen, Amsterdam, NL 2014 > Survival Kit 6/Utopian City, Latvian Center For Contemporary Art, Riga, LV 2013 > Van Perskamer tot Kunstpaleis, The Times, Amsterdam, NL 2012 > Ruilen, (as part of Deiska collection), Mediamatic Fabriek, Amsterdam, NL 2011 > Edits, Central Station Amsterdam, NL 2010 > Mate(r)ealties, Hirsch building, Amsterdam, NL 2010 > The Keys, Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam, NL 2010 > Sneak Preview, Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam, NL 2010 > Deiska: The Complete Collection, Rozengracht, Amsterdam, NL 2009 > Meet and Greet, Taets Art Gallery, Zaandam, NL 2009 > Arti09, Den Haag, NL 2008 > Escape, Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam, NL 2008 > In Between, Deiska, Amsterdam, NL 2006 > Arti06, Den Haag, NL 2006 > Adventures in Geology, Deiska, Amsterdam, NL 2006 > Coincidence or Wellplanned, Deiska, Amsterdam, NL 2004 > Stuft, Red Gallery, Hull, UK 2004 > Uitgelicht 04, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL 2003 > Site Specific, Deiska, Amsterdam, NL 2003 > Hunting Lodge, Consortium, Amsterdam, NL 2003 > Alienation in Progress, Deiska, Amsterdam, NL 2002 > Early Works, de Ateliers, Amsterdam, NL 2001 > End Presentation, de Ateliers, Amsterdam, NL 2000 > Elly And The Microwave, de Ateliers, Amsterdam, NL 1999 > Bad Sense of Humour, Bond Gallery, Birmingham, UK 1999 > Red Shop, Red Gallery, Hull, UK 1999 > Red Group Show, Red Gallery, Hull, UK 1998 > 12th Stoke Open, City of Stoke-on-Trent Museum and Art Gallery, UK 1998 > The Independents, Quay Art, Hull, UK 1998 > End Presentation, Hull School of Art, UK 1997 > Spitting Pips, Hull Fruit Market, Hull, U.K 1995 > End presentation, Staffordshire University, UK OTHER ACTIVITIES 2018 > Presentation of handmade books at Unlock Book Fair, Amsterdam, NL 2016 > Winner, Wonderlust photo competition, De Hallen, Haarlem, NL 2014 > Presentation of work and talk, part of A.G.A Jubilee event, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 2013-2014 > Advisory board (creative advisory), Orange Tea Theatre, Amsterdam 2013-2014 > Production Designer for Orange Tea Theatre, Amsterdam 2010-2013 > Production Design for InPlayers Drama Group, Amsterdam 2010 > Stage design for Johan Goossen's Cabaret stage show 2009 > Artist talk, Taets Art Gallery, Zaandam, NL 2008 > Artist talk, Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam 2006 > Residency at Chris Evans' Existentialist Retreat, Westpoort, Amsterdam, NL 2006-2007 > Illustrator for Volumes 1 & 2 of The BHF Book Of Horror 2005-2006 > Illustrations for The End Is Nigh magazine (Issues 2 & 3) 2003-2004 > Voluntary work at Consortium project space, Amsterdam 2003 > Contributed text to Rita McBride’s MYWAYS publication 2002 > Received Fonds BKVB, startstipendium 1998 > Winner of Public Prize, 12th Stoke Open, City of Stoke-on-Trent Museum and Art Gallery, UK 1998-1999 > Central in the development and running of the Red Gallery, Hull, UK PUBLICATIONS & ARTICLES 2015 > Online article 2014 > Online article!/beeldende-kunst/locals-lawrence-james-bailey 2014 > Catalogue, Survival Kit 6/Utopian City, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art 2013 > Online article 2012 > EDITS Exhibition catalogue 2011 > Online article, 2010 > NRC Next, 29 September "Antikraak in een zwembad" 2010 > Catalogue, The Keys Project 2009 > Van prive naar publiek , Edited by Marty Bax, published by Accenture. 2008 > N.A.P, jaargang 2, nummer 4 "Ruilhandel"2006 Myways, in collaboration with M.M.M. Vos/R. McBride 2004 > Amsterdam Echo, 5 May "Exploitatie culturele woestenij in Zuidoost" 2004 > Het Parool, 10 May "Het valt niet mee om aandacht te trekken op de Kunstvlaai" 2004 > Blue Tuesdays: De Ateliers 1963-2003, De Ateliers, Amsterdam2004 Catalogue, Uitgelicht 4, Fonds BKVB 2002 > Catalogue, Early Works, De Ateliers COLLECTIONS Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam Europol, The Hague. NL Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam Amsterdams Grafische Atelier (A.G.A), Amsterdam CBK Amsterdam Deiska, Amsterdam Hotel WOW, Amsterdam De Ateliers, Amsterdam