Slaap Lekker Studio, Jaap Kroneman, Salim Bayri, Kimball Gunnar Holth, Voebe de Gruyter, Nokukhanya Langa, Wjm Kok,

Slaap Lekker Studio

Show: 07/09/19 - 06/10/19

Galerie van Gelder
Artists presented

Slaap Lekker Studio The ‘Slaap Lekker Studio’ exhibition is a ‘wake up call’. Art as blockbusters on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or fairs draw away the attention of classically working galleries. Influential galleries enhance their visibility and behave like large companies. A new broom has to be used to clean ambitious and cutting edge galleries; also at Galerie van Gelder. The gallery has always been close to the artists and that attitude can also be found in the group exhibition ‘Slaap Lekker Studio’. The artists have been asked to come and install a work, to do an event or to install a work. That will happen on the opening day Saturday, September 7 from 5 ‘o clock pm on. The art and artist’s attitude come back to the artist and visitors that are willing to be present. Actions, events, performances are done by the following artists. Özgür Atlagan Jorge Luis Barragan Castaño Salim Bayri Henry Byrne Stephanie Jack Engelbrecht Paraskevi Frasiola Voebe de Gruyter Kimball Gunnar Holth Wjm Kok Jaap Kroneman Nokukhanya Langa Lee McDonald Ian Page Lisa Smithson Jorge Luis Barragan Castaño puffs a bell pepper on glowing coals and the heat is dissipated through a chimney made of aluminium foil. His oven is covered with his pencil drawings. Nokukhanya Langa cuts the hair of visitors and makes a connection between cutting and painting. Salim Bayri is interested in food. In this exhibition he will make curd as a sculpture or make a sculpture with curd. Voebe de Gruyter will show an important step in her work; just by talking about it. For the first time she brings the narrative part to life with the help of a talk next to an upright standing drawing in space. The written text in her work has now become an essential oral part of the work. Stephanie Jack Engelbrecht introduces her alter ego Barneby in an appropriate outfit. Wjm Kok always comes to the core of a monochrome in a different way. Lee McDonald mechanically processes a switched on TV screen with a hammer that eventually explodes. In short, I think this show is about ‘action’ and the ‘minds of the artists’. A sleeping and sitting area will be set up in AP. This installation can be seen as a space where artists from the “Slaap Lekker Studio” and colleagues in Groningen can stay, so that there is no need to travel back on the opening day.