Love Story, Brud / Aditya Mandayam,

Love Story

Show: 08/09/18 - 20/10/18

Galerie van Gelder
Artists presented

Brud / Aditya Mandayam - Emilia Zalewska The exhibition "Love Story" of Brud (Aditya Mandayam & Emilia Zalewska) is a demonstration of affection, a kind of PDA; a Public Demonstration of Affection. This is both a voyeuristic as well as exhibitionistic phenomenon since Facebook and Instagram were introduced. Brud demonstrates in "Love Story" a cool version of PDA, one could say. The enormous range, ideas and technical objects in previous presentations of materials are reduced to fragmented symbols of devotion, atmospheric lighting and hidden references to sex. As a whole this is expressed with graphic imaginary like screen print and several digital prints. The gallery is submerged in an intense cloud of both red and ultra violet light emphasizing a lyrical love formally shaped. And somewhere in the space the purling sound of a handmade wind organ seems to create the potentials and possibilities of a love story at hand. Aditya Mandayam studied at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten from 2011-2013 in Amsterdam. In 2014 he finished an artist's in residence at Wiels, Brussels and had a solo exhibition in Kim? in Riga, Letvia. In 2016 he started to work closer together with graphic designer Emilia Zalewska. In 2018 Brud had its first institutional solo exhibition in Kunstverein München in Germany what published his book "The Ooze" with elaborated texts on what Brud is standing for. In November 2018 Brud will participate in a group exhibition "School of Pain" at Art in General in New York, USA.