Drawing Online, Wieteke Heldens,
Online only

Drawing Online

Show: 04/04/19 - 05/05/19

Artists presented

In this Online Only exhibition, BorzoGallery shows a selection of works on paper from the colorful oeuvre of Wieteke Heldens. At first sight Wieteke makes abstract, conceptual work. But at the same time every work is obsessive and compulsive. Rules and mathematical formulas are the starting point, but her inability to eliminate her feelings, thoughts and emotions prevents the work from being too general and distant. With a sense of perspective, she uses a conceptual process. Again and again the repetitive movement or action, using the simplest materials available at that moment, and then also to the last sheet of paper, to the last piece of canvas, to the last marker, to the last pinched tube of paint completely opop to use. So that tomorrow she can start in another place, another studio, in another city, with a clean slate... Images courtesy of Dana LaMonda