Deep Epoch, Constant Dullaart,

Deep Epoch

Show: 22/10/16 - 27/11/16

Upstream Gallery
Artists presented

Upstream Gallery proudly presents Deep Epoch, the first solo exhibition by Constant Dullaart (NL, 1979) with the gallery. Like the work of his digital native peers, Dullaart’s often conceptual work manifests itself both online and offline. Within his practice, he reflects on the broad cultural and social effects of communication and image processing technologies while critically engaging the power structures of mega corporations that dramatically influence our worldview through the internet. During Deep Epoch, Dullaart shows a new series of oil paintings based on images generated by ‘neural networks’; works derived from his recent performative intervention The Possibility of an Army, as well as photographic prints from his Instragram project for Jeu de Paume and HMKV: High Retention, Slow Delivery.