Satijn Panyigay, Dangle
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Caroline O'Breen

Technique: Photography, Documentary, Abstract, Architecture
Size: 45 x 35 cm
Edition: 1 out of 5
Price: € 1.250
Status: for sale

Dangle, 2019

(Living) room shows the living room of a young art collector and his girlfriend. A fire raged in the kitchen of the newly-occupied home, making the adjoining room uninhabitable in a short time. With the charcoal walls and the details on them, Panyigay constructed new spaces in her photography in which you could easily lose your orientation. You can't exactly imagine the size of the spaces and whether they offer a way out. It resonates with the feeling the house owner had when he woke up in the middle of the night because of the heat, walked downstairs and got completely disoriented by smoke. Panic and oppression, but also detached from life and reality. In this series Panyigay reflects on the subject of decay in things, but also the transience of time. Changing and fading memories, dealing with loss and continuing life after impactful events. What do you consider important when you have to rebuild everything? Do you stick to memories or do you make room for new ones? Is there a glimpse in the dark and can eventually something beautiful arise from misery? Panyigay photographs the emptiness and silence in abandoned spaces and brings the present and absent together. There is always a harmonious discord between light and dark, cheerful and gloomy, resilience and vulnerability. Underneath the surface of these sober interior images are subjects such as transience, loneliness and restlessness, but also resignation and wonder about the beauty of life.