Roger Hiorns, Body awareness
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Annet Gelink Gallery

Technique: 3 Dimensional, Sculpture
Size: 42 x 112 x 44 cm
Edition: Unique work

Body awareness, 2017

The crystallized boy, submerged into to purity of nature, crystallization, has become an archetype of perfection and universal natural purity. The crystal boy is the next stage of us, rendered pure by chemical growth and his shell is of crystal perfection, not born, but grown by the rules of unchangeable universal patterns. His twin, his crystal ectopic brother, an ancient rock from the eastern Atlantic sea, sits with dead weight on his chest and prohibits his natural ability to breath with freedom. The crystal youth is waiting for the earthly rock to fully erode away in order to be able to realize his full being-ness in the world of new potential.