HENR, Dreamland VI
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Lumen Travo Galerie

Technique: Video installation on PicoPix, sound, 19:54 min, loop
Size: 50 x 150 x 50 cm
Edition: 1 out of 3
Price range: € 2.000 - € 4.000
Status: for sale

Dreamland VI, 2018

The small projection Dreamland VI (2018) shows a close up of a heart monitoring sensor (a pinch on the finger that is often used in hospitals). The unusual perspective makes the object hard to recognized at first, transforming it into a vague reminiscence of a singing duck or bird. This visual combination gets even stronger through the recording that’s being played in the background, by Alessandro Moreschi, the last castrate singer (1904). Both, the heart monitoring sensor and the castrate singer, are a manipulation of the natural, although the way in which this happened is completely different.