Lawrence James Bailey, Still Life with Black Holes and Chervil
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Galerie Bart

Technique: embroidery on found cross stitch
Size: 24 x 20 cm
Edition: Unique work
Price range: < € 500
Status: for sale

Still Life with Black Holes and Chervil, 2019

Lawrence James Bailey collects material from his surroundings, which he photographs and combines to make new representations in his studio. In the type of ‘landscape’ that he uses as a source, a kind of human presence is tangible: ‘The border area where the city and the surrounding landscape meet. A kind of no man’s land where hardly anybody goes and where criminal activities take place.’ In a world where people control most of the existing nature, he sees these terrains as the new wilderness. ‘You won’t be eaten up by a wolf, but it can be dangerous there just the same and end up in confrontations.’