Ade Darmawan, 18 Books (Exhibition view)
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Lumen Travo Galerie

Technique: Mixed media
Edition: Unique work
Price range: € 8.000 - € 10.000
Status: for sale

18 Books (Exhibition view), 2018

For the exhibition Doing business with the Dutch, Darmawan has been looking into how a society comes to an agreement as a nation and works together to sell itself as human capital, by consciously constructing a national identity and by presenting it as a value for economic trade. The act of this structured trade created trends and produced certain objects and stories, that are often re-intrepreted and misintrepreted. The installation presented in the show is inspired by books and images -strictly produced by the Dutch about Indonesia from the 1800-1900 and by the contemporary trading culture in the Netherlands- and presented as a design of a domestic interior.