Bas Wiegmink, In Return
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Galerie Helder

Technique: 3 Dimensional, Sculpture, Installation
Size: 240 x 450 x 270 cm
Edition: Unique work
Price range: € 10.000 - € 15.000
Status: for sale

In Return, 2019

Bas Wiegmink paints with a lot of contrasts in an exuberant romantic colour palette, sometimes even fluorescent. The cinematic and dreamy ways of painting add to fascinating pictures. Trees and plants grow wildly between buildings. The exuberant flora has taken up all space; sometimes you behold remains of human life. What is happening here? In the background, we see modern buildings painted in thin contours, as if they were abandoned or languished. At the front the flora flourishes with powerful, convincing keys in vivid colours. This contrast betrays the ambiguity of reality: a warning or an optimistic Arcadia.