Theater of Disorder, Feipel & Bechameil,

Theater of Disorder

Tentoonstelling: 04/03/17 - 06/05/17

Galerie Fontana
Gepresenteerde kunstenaars

In the exhibition Theater of Disorder, Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil show a composition of objects that we associate with a technology-centered world. The archaic works are set in motion and create a choreography of disorder. By playing with the complexity in which these symbols of modernity have been constructed, they carry out a form of destruction and reinvention at the same time. By taking the opposite of the original inertia and purpose of an object, liberating it with a deconstructive act, Feipel and Bechameil want to show a new representation of the known forms while questioning the consequences of technical developments. To redefine the values of the future, Feipel and Bechameil make the ultra-modern-technology-world accessible. The potency of the machine is expressed as a technological system that is self-consuming, and could free itself from human domination one day.