Reflections on Nature, Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi, Matea Bakula, Joseph Sassoon Semah,

Reflections on Nature

Tentoonstelling: 26/01/19 - 23/02/19

Lumen Travo Galerie
Gepresenteerde kunstenaars

Our very first show of 2019 features the works of three artists of the gallery: Atousa Bandeh, Matea Bakula and Joseph Semah. The group show deals with what we consider an urgency that is worth to be addressed in this early part of the year, with the hope it will rise the right awareness in our audience: as the title suggests, all the artworks presented in the exhibition relay on the dualistic controversy between natural and artificial, in order to analyze the presence of Nature in such a man-centered world. The arisen reflections also lead to a necessary confrontation with the role of animals and their involvement in contemporary society: through Bakula’s beeswax sculptures, through Bandeh’s large canvas where plastic bags become the main protagonists of this weirdly aesthetic composition, and through Semah’s bronze rabbit lying on the floor, we would like to begin a provocative visual conversation over Nature, to help rise awareness towards the present and the future history of the world we are living in, while also growing a substantial understanding on the importance of animals and natural sources and materials.