Radenko Milak 1980

Lives in Banja Luka, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Works in Banja Luka, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Rutger Brandt Gallery

adenko on his current work: ‘The first part of my production is watercolors, which I implemented mainly on paper Arches, 300 grams, 100% cotton. My approach to painting is based on black pigment and white paper, watercolors based on documentary photos, photojournalism, old newspapers, postcards, posters, documentary movies and other propaganda archives. My practice as an artist has always been heavily influenced by the idea that our relationship to the world and its history is largely determined by the uninterrupted and continuous flow of images that documents the world. In 2013, I completed a project called “365”. “365, Image of Time” is large-scale series of watercolors that create historical panoramas depicting geo-political themes, ideologies and disasters from the 20th century until today. The project consisted to paint each day during one year a black and white watercolor image of an event that occurred the same day, related to modern and contemporary history. The event could be political, tied to conflicts, to the life of ideas and the arts, to scientific or technological progress. The result symbolized the landscape, through the image, of the short but intense history of the 20th century, as I see it, as I understand it. During the exhibition of this series at the Kusnthalle of Darmstadt, I was able to see just how this landscape, through the image, met with that of others. Everyone could identify with this fresco. For me, the role, the nature of the Image today is crucial, especially in the era of digital revolution, also I am very interested to understand the status of image today as a political fact. To use them and to construct them as new versions of stories. This Relationship has become even more important with the expansion of social networks and new information technologies. I’ve placed at the heart of my activity as a painter the question of what a painting could be at the age of the digital time and continuous accessibility to images. This global corpus of images, impossible to mentally embrace in its entirety, vast as it has become, is one of the fundamental elements of our imagination, be it individual or collective. The second part of my work is based on the post-war trauma in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project deals with the media, photojournalism, and presentation of war crimes. Twenty-four part series of black-and-white painted representation of this image takes its title from the photographer Ron Haviv. When asked by a journalist, “And what else did you see?”, Haviv replied, “I couldn’t see everything!”. This photograph depicting one of Arkan’s soldiers brutally hitting with his foot a wounded and dying woman, on the pavement in Bjeljina in 1992, at the very beginning of war, circled the globe and became one of the most recognizable media icons of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This project was presented at the exhibition Bild Gegen Bild, in the Haus der Kunst in Munich 2012. Last part of my work can be called an obsession, research date as events, and historical events. That was the starting point of my collaboration with the artist Roman Uranjek (Slowenische Neue Kunst, NSK) for a joint project titled Dates’

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Curriculum Vitae Radenko Milak (1980, Travnik, Yugoslavia) Education: 1999-2003: Academy of Art, University of Banja Luka; 2003-2007: University of Art Belgrade, Faculty of Fine Arts; Solo Shows (Selection): 2017 14/09/XX, Christine König Galerie, Vienna
 University of Disaster, Pavilion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at 57th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, Venice
 From the far side of the moon, Priska Pasquer Gallery, Cologne 2016 This is a story of dreams, mixed with reality, Curated by Leon Krempel, Rutger Brandt Gallery, Amsterdam Promise of an image, Galerie Les filles du calvaire, Paris 2015 University of Disaster & Endless Movie – Galería La Balsa Arte, Bogota 2014 Radenko Milak – 365 – Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Darmstadt Radenko Milak – Big Time – Galerie Priska Pasquer, Cologne Radenko Milak – Unfinished Story – Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Paris 2012 Radenko Milak – I Have Said Too Much I Have Not Said Enough – Duplex/10m2, Sarajevo Radenko Milak: And What Else Did You See? – I Couldn´t See Everything! – Muzej savremene umetnosti Beograd, Belgrade 2006 Radenko Milak, Intimacy of planetary experience – Museum of Contemporary Art Banja Luka,Banja Luka Group Shows (Selection): 2016 Répétition, Villa Empain – Boghossian Foundation, Brussels Shape of Time – Future of Nostalgia, National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), Bucharest Malerei als Film – Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Darmstadt Dates 5: Radenko Milak & Roman Uranjek, Eastwards Prospectus, Bucarest Dates 4: Radenko Milak & Roman Uranjek – Duplex 100m2, Sarajevo Dates 3 : Radenko Milak & Roman Uranjek – The Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Belgrade 2015 Hommage à Malevich – Black Square Continued – group exhibition – Mestna Galerija / City Art Gallery Ljubljana, Ljubljana Notes on the Beginning of the Short 20th Century – Quartier21, Vienna Accrochage – Galerie Priska Pasquer, Cologne Les Temoins – Radenko Milak, Qingmei Yao, Mazaccio & Drowilal, Enrique Ramirez – Centre d’art de Colomiers, Colomiers 2014 Memory of Violence – Dreams of the Future 1914-18 / 2014 – Museum Of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad Anmerkungen zum Beginn des kurzen 20. Jahrhunderts Gegenwartskunst zum 1. Weltkrieg -Motorenhalle – riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden, Dresden 4th International Canakkale Biennial – International Canakkale Biennial, Canakkale Il s’en est fallu de peu – La Fonderie, Mulhouse Sans tambour ni trompette, Cent ans de guerres – La Graineterie, Houilles (Hi)Stories – Galerie Bernhard Bischoff & Partner, Bern et la Peinture … ? – Galerie du Jour agnès b, Paris 2013 En-Lighted – Galerie Bernhard Bischoff & Partner, Bern Show Room One – Duplex/10m2, Sarajevo 2012 Bild-Gegen-Bild – Haus der Kunst München, Munich Subjektive Empindlichkeiten / 5 Positionen – KunstHaus Wien, Vienna Subjektive Empfindlichkeiten / 5 Positionen – Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna 2011 1st Time Machine Biennale of Contemporary Art. D-O ARK Underground – Time Machine Biennale of Contemporary Art, Konjic 2008 Salon of the Revolution – HDLU – Croatian Association of Artists, Zagreb 2006 Eastern Neighbours – Cultural Center Babel, Utrecht Memory (W)hole – Museum of Contemporary Art Banja Luka, Banja Luka Awards: 2012: Premio Combat Prize for Drawing , Livorno, Italy Selection books: RADENKO MILAK: 365. Kunsthalle Darmstadt, 2014. Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, Cologne http://www.worldwide-artbooks.com/wwb_title.php?titleno=81199 BILD GEGEN BILD/IMAGE COUNTER IMAGE. Ed. by Patrizia Dander and Julienne Lorz. Haus der Kunst, Munich, 2012. Published in association with Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig http://www.worldwide-artbooks.com/wwb_title.php?titleno=77072 Art Fairs: 2013 Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris 2013 YIA, Art Fair, Paris 2014 Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris 2014 Drawing Now, Paris 2015 Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris 2015 Cologne Art Fair, Cologne 2016 Cologne Art Fair, Cologne Public Collections: Art Collection Telekom, Germany; http://art-collection-telekom.com/de/artist/radenko-milak Collection Agnès B., Paris, France; National Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Museum of Contemporary Art of Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Priska Pasquer, Cologne