Max Kraanen 1984

Lives in Amsterdam (NL). Works in Amsterdam (NL).
Represented by:

Galerie Fontana

Photographer Max Kraanen is fascinated by the role fear plays in society and in his work explores how fear and threat affect us. Using a variety of analogue and darkroom techniques to create his images, stretching the limits of photography, he makes pictures that can be strangely aesthetic but often have a darker side. The craft of photography itself and the act of taking a picture plays a big part in his work. Waiting hours for the right moment, on the exactly the right spot, he only takes one shot, one that must be perfect.

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MAX KRAANEN Geboren in 1984, Nederland. Onderwijs 2011 - '14 Fotoacademie, Amsterdam 2006 - '11 European Studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam Exhibitions 2019 Welcome To Day One Of Happiness, Galerie Fontana, Amsterdam 2017 Fontana Summer Expo, Galerie Fontana, Amsterdam 2016 Solo-expositie So it Goes, Galerie Fontana, Amsterdam 2016 TIME, Galerie Fontana, in Louise186, Brussel 2015 Het Vacuüm, Compagnietheater, Amsterdam 2014 Groepstentoonstelling, Galerie Fontana, Amsterdam 2014 New Dawn, Melkweg Galerie, Amsterdam 2014 Loaded, Eindexamenexpositie Fotoacademie Amsterdam 2013 Photo Town, FOAM Lab, Amsterdam Kunstbeurzen 2019 Photo Basel, Galerie Fontana, Switzerland 2019 KunstRAI Amsterdam, Galerie Fontana, Amsterdam 2017 YIA Art Fair 2017 met Galerie Fontana, Basel, Zwitserland 2017 KunstRAI 2017 met Galerie Fontana, Amsterdam 2016 Deze kunsttentoonstelling met Galerie Fontana, Amsterdam 2016 Art The Hague met Galerie Fontana, Den Haag 2016 YIA Art Fair met Galerie Fontana, Parijs 2015 KunstRAI met Galerie Fontana, Amsterdam 2015 Deze kunstbeurs met Galerie Fontana, Amsterdam Overig 2015: Artist in Residence in Banff, Canada. 2015: Grant, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.