Anouk van Zwieten

Anouk van Zwieten (1991)

Lives in Utrecht. Works in Utrecht.

Anouk van Zwieten questioned herself if the world would be better off without people. That was probably the reason why she dreamed that dinosaurs were born under the immeasurably deep Lake Tahoe to take over the world again. It was a peaceful dream that inspired Anouk to paint 'Lake Tahoe' (2018). Like this work, all paintings by Anouk van Zwieten reflect her experiences in daily life, including her dreams. Her work evolves from quick sketches with paint on canvas, These sketches evoke associations to which she responds. A form appears, inviting new shapes: the creative process of Van Zwieten is highly intuitive and looks frisky. The playfulness of her werk is emphasized by repeatedly occurring objects that are referring to reality: lemons, cans, shoes, glasses filled with beer or slices of bread articulate the artists’ intentions. But the intriguing aspect of her 'full' paintings is that there seems to be a certain emptiness. The multitude of shapes and objects is, as it were, underscored by parts in the image that have been removed, painted away. As if the (invisible) dinosaurs from Lake Tahoe could suddenly arise from the bottom of the lake. This suggestion determines the attraction of the swirling works of Van Zwieten. In the often ambiguous titles of her works statements regarding the state of affairs in our world can be recognized. Would it indeed be better off without people?

Amsterdam - Nederland
Anouk van Zwieten
Anouk van Zwieten
Anouk van Zwieten
In corporate collection:
De Nederlandsche Bank
Albert Heijn

CV Anouk van Zwieten

Education 2013 - 2017 Bachelor of Fine Art, HKU, Utrecht, NL Group Exhibitions 2018 Sculpainting Dialogues, galerie Joghem, Amsterdam, NL (duo with Lieve Rutte) Drifting and Dreaming, tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam, NL 2017 Friends with benefits, WATCHAMACALLIT, Utrecht, NL Royal Prize of Painting, Paleis op de Dam, Amsterdam, NL Non textual matter, duo show, KERS gallery, Amsterdam, NL Artspotting 2017, Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, NL Best of Graduates, Ron Mandos, Amsterdam 
Graduation show, HKU Pastoe fabriek, Utrecht, NL Teamteaching #2, Breakfast, HKU Pastoe fabriek, Utrecht, NL 2016 Teamteaching #1, HKU Pastoe fabriek, Utrecht. NL Grants and Awards 2018 Buning Brongers Prize (nomination) Hart Nibbring Atelier Prize (nomination) 2017 Royal Prize of Painting (nomination) Jan Zumbrink Prize (nomination) Dooyewaard stipendium 2017-18