Stefan Yordanov

Stefan Yordanov (1972)

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.

Stefan Yordanov studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (1990 – 1994) and at the Amsterdam School of Art (1995 – 1997), both in Amsterdam. Yordanov experiments in a broad range of artistic mediums: drawing, collage, interactive objects, site-specific installations and most recently: light sculptures. The human body and its representation in the visual culture is an important inspiration for Yordanov as an artist. ‘Our body is a very strong communication instrument; it is our most private possession and at the same time our public casing’. In his collage series ‘Identities’(2012), ‘disCover Faces’(2014) en ‘Glossynatomy’ (2015) the artist literary deconstructs the concepts of beauty ideals: using male and female model photographs from the glossy’s he cuts them into small parts and then rearranges the little pieces back to anatomy illustrations showing transitory and decay of the flesh. Human (and animal) anatomy therefore have an important place in his art. His recent light sculptures – animal skeletons build up from light tubes – are an attempt to show the mystery of our physical & spiritual existence.

Amsterdam - Nederland

CV Stefan Yordanov

education Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (1990 – 1994) Hogeschool van Amsterdam, TEHATEX (1994 – 1996) Academie voor Beeldende Vorming in Amsterdam (1995 – 1997) solo presentations 2014 ‘Camouflage Bodies’ – Raiko Alexiev Galery, Sofia, BG 2012 ‘Hostmanship Award’ – DeLa Mar Theater, Amsterdam Installation ‘Identities’ – Project Management Bureau, Amsterdam 2011 ‘Identities’, Open Atelier Hendrik de Keijserschool, Amsterdam 2009 ‘Wheels of Life’ – Museum N8 in Artis, Amsterdam 2007 ‘Fort Europa’ – City Hall of Almere ‘My Hand @ Your Hand’ – City Hall West, Amsterdam 2006 ‘Etiquette, Erasmus & Europa’ – Arti en Amicitiae, Amsterdam 2004 ‘Alive’ – video sculpture museum N8 in the Geological Museum in Artis Zoo, Amsterdam 2003 ‘Ten Light Years’, light object in Artis Zoo, Amsterdam 2002 Decor Poetry festival, Metropole, Almere Decor Booklovers Party, American Book Centre, Amsterdam 2001 Object ‘The Kiss’ for theatre company De Gebroeders Flint SUBVENTIONS & GRANTS 2013 Amsterdam Municipality West for the community art project ‘Art Flags United’ 2011 Amsterdam Art Fund grant for the community art project ‘Art Flags United’ 2006 Amsterdam Art Fund grant for the project ‘Etiquette, Erasmus en Europa’ 1999 Amsterdam Art found for the project ‘Once upon a time 43 doors…’ #2 – installation at the Central Library, Amsterdam COMMISSIONS 2012 Designing the TNS-NIPO Hostmanship Award, Amsterdam 2009 Scenography of ‘EYEvolution’, Artis, Amsterdam 2007 Designing ‘CHAOS!’ exhibition, Artis, Amsterdam 2002 Stage design for Poetry festival in De Metropole (Almere),