Pieter W. Postma 1968

Lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Works in Amsterdam. Netherlands.
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Too enticing not to believe. Broadly speaking Pieter W. Postma is a visual artist, but first and foremost he's a gifted storyteller; he creates 'Stories to be told'.  The stories he weaves reach out into other worlds beyond that of ours. Parallel universes, essentially, each populated by surreal phenomena. Out there new explorers discover each other, and, in the process, our universe. For their journeys, they make use of brightly colored vehicles and vessels, sometimes even leaving behind traces in this world. Postma shows us such individual artifacts in a modern-day cabinet of curiosities, be it a cloud, a misplaced glove, a mask or even part of a crashed vehicle. On other occasions, he recreates entire scenes, displayed like a diorama. These works typically evoke a sort of amazement and humor. It's reminiscent of the awe experienced; like a young child confronted with a bright, Technicolor world that's just come to life. A genuine ode to wonder. As he creates these images and installations Postma combines both hard and soft materials. Built with wood, polyester, and metals. And cloth, rubber, and leather. In his own words, Postma is now pretty handy with a needle and thread.  And that's the artist. Whenever Postma unleashes his huge imagination, worlds of new friends and abstracts come to life in his hands. Parts of his elaborate productions are fully polished and carefully calculated to the smallest of details, like a true virtuoso. Other elements remain as sketches, leaving loose ends for the viewer. Such contradictions of finesse and the unfinished actually serve to give these installations a more focused depth. The sketched concepts hold the viewer at a distance, enabling them to see the work as a whole, while the intricate details are irresistibly tempting, perpetually pulling the gaze of the viewer deeper and deeper. Undoubtedly Postma has fun when reconstructing these spectacles. His work seems to communicate that imagination and creativity are two of the finest qualities of people. And the fun is contagious. While the scenarios are bizarre, surreal and utterly out of this world, you can't help but believe in them.

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