Pieter W. Postma

Pieter W. Postma (1968)

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.

Stories to be told: broadly speaking Pieter W. Postma is a visual artist, but first and foremost he's a gifted storyteller. The stories he weaves reach out into other worlds beyond that of ours. Parallel universes, essentially, each populated by surreal phenomena. Out there new explorers discover each other, and, in the process, our universe. For their journeys they make use of brightly coloured vehicles and vessels, sometimes even leaving behind traces in this world. Postma shows us such individual artefacts in a modern-day cabinet of curiosities, be it a trophy, a misplaced glove, a mask or even a crashed vehicle. On other occasions he recreates entire scenes, displayed like a diorama. For example, a mysterious character clad in a mint green uniform, hanging from the door of his vessel as he is testing the surface for stability to walk on. Or the masked figure known as 'De Zweeper' [The Whipper], with some 50 black horses – each the size of a cat – coaxed into pulling his vessel across the slopes.