Ronald Zuurmond

Ronald Zuurmond 1964

Lives in Tilburg. Works in Tilburg.
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Ronald Zuurmond's style is the search for the image. The things he paints already exist. He just needs to see them, nonchalantly, out of the corner of his eye. They provide a spark, an opening. The rest is hard work and contemplation. This way of painting could be compared to the work of the poet. The first line of a poem is a free gift, the rest is laborious. Trial and error. The poet comparison also applies in another sense. Just as the poet chooses a form, Zuurmond chooses the painting. A choice such as this provides a restriction within which the possibilities unfold. The freedom you experience through restriction is the paradox of the form. For the poet, it is the sonnet; for him, it is the painting. Ronald Zuurmond is a painter who each time has to work out from scratch how he is going to do it. Each canvas is a step towards the next, the paintings fit together in a way. “When you hit a wall, you have to go back and do it again. Only then do you know for sure. And as soon as you think you are sure about something, it's gone again.” One word that keeps coming up when talking to Ronald Zuurmond, is space. Technically he creates this space by painting layer upon layer, often over earlier unsuccessful paintings, and here and there scraping the paint off again. As if drawing a curtain. This is done with some speed, which is important in order to maintain the necessary distance from the painting. For him the space in the painting extends from the front to the back, much more than from left to right. The things he paints have to move in this space, both in the flat surface and in the depth. “You have to have a vista and at the same time feel a resistance that the eye collides with. For me the space is both physical and psychological. As a viewer you must be able to get through this space, you must be able to move with it. You must be able to enter into the space of the painting step by step. It is never about a perspective space with me, I don't want the painting to suggest anything other than it physically is.”

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Documentary Ronald Zuurmond, Hollandse Meesters

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Awards: 2000 Finalist Wim Izaks Award 2001 Philip Morris Finest Selection For Art 2003 Jeanne Oosting Award For Oil painting


SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2014 Gallery Borzo, Amsterdam: paintings and collages 2014 Studio van Dusseldorp, Tilburg: Unwrapped 2011 De Nederlansche Bank: Bijzaken 2011 Gallery Metis-nl, Amsterdam: De stand van zaken 2010 Gallery van der Mieden, Antwerp (Belgium), Mumbo Jumbo 2010 Zonca e Zonca, Milan (Italy): it’s already darkening 2008 Gallery Metis-nl, Amsterdam: Bittersweet (publication) 2007 Gallery van der Mieden, Antwerp (Belgium): Schemerschijn 2003 Fries Museum, Leeuwarden: All About Nothing 2003 Museum Henriette Polak, Zutphen: Jeanne Oosting Award For Oil Painting 2001 Gallery de Praktijk, Amsterdam: Bonsai (coming to the point) 2001 Cobra Museum, Amstelveen: Philip Morris Award For Art (publication) 2000 Museum Jan Cunen, Oss: Curtain (publication) 1999 Gallery de Praktijk, Amsterdam: Still lifes 1998 Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht: The Flat Land (publication) 1997 De Verschijning, Tilburg: Ruis 1997 Gallery de Praktijk, Amsterdam: The Flat Land 1995 Gallery de Praktijk, Amsterdam: Ruis GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selection) 2015 De Ketelfactory, Schiedam: Buitengaats 2015 Huub Hannen Gallery, Maastricht: The Blue Hour 2014 Kunsthal Kade, Amersfoort: Vensters 2014 RAW Art Fair (Rotterdam), Gallery Borzo, Amsterdam 2014 Studio van Dusseldorp, Tilburg: Winterexpo 2013 PAK, Gistel (Belgium): Birth 2013 De Pont, Tilburg: 99 Vazen 2013 We Like Art, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam 2013 Collection de Heus-Zomer, Singer Museum, Laren 2013 Studio van Dusseldorp, Tilburg: Wind And Water 2012 Schunck, Heerlen: For Ever Yours 2012 Gallery Espace Enny in collaboration with Tricot Winterwijk: Het Ongerijmde 2012 Gallery Zand, Eindhoven: Six Painters And A Poet 2011 Rabobank Utrecht, Me You We 2011 Huub Hannen Gallery, Maastricht: The Moonlihgt Garden 2010 Art Rotterdam, Gallery Metis-nl, Amsterdam 2009 Studio van Dusseldorp, Tilburg: In Miniature 2009 Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen 2009 Gallery van der Mieden, Antwerp (Belgium): Eden 2007 Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids (U.S.): A Faithful Eye (publication) 2007 Gallery van Kranendonk, The Hague: Kunstplanten 2007 ‘WATER’, Museum Waterland, Purmerend 2007 Art Brussels, Belgium, Gallery van der Mieden, Antwerp, Belgium 2006 De Pont, Tilburg: Noah’s Arc 2006 Armando Museum, Amersfoort: Painters Pur Sang 2006 Artissima Torino, Italy, Gallery Metis-nl, Amsterdam 2005 Instite Collection Netherlands, Minitery of OCW The Hague: in tijdelijk gebruik 2005 De Nederlandsche Bnak, Amsterdam: Noah’s Arc 2005 Liste Berlin, Gallery van Kranendonk: The Tilburg School 2005 Art Fair Bologna, Italy, Gallery Metis-nl, Amsterdam 2005 Gallery van de Mieden, Antwerpen (Belgium), Noah’s Arc 2004 Slot Zeist, Zeist: Never ending landscapes 2004 Monastry Wittem, Wittem: Pelgrimage -The Tilburg School- 2003 Faxx: platform for contemporary art, Tilburg: TheTilburg School (publication) 2003 Cobra Museum, Amstelveen: The Tilburg School 2003 Kunstverein Salzgitter -Museum Schloss Salder, Salzgitter: The Tilburg School 2002 European Central Bank, Frankfurt: Contemporary Art From The Netherlands (publication) 2002 Delta Lloyd, Amsterdam: The Tilburg School (publication) 2001 Gallery Daniel Hoffman, Paris (France) 2000 Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht, Wim Izaks Award 2000 Arco Madrid, Gallery de Praktijk, Amsterdam 1999 Fries Museum, Leeuwarden: The Other Land 1999 Gallery Barbara Farber/Rob Jurka, Amsterdam: Sculls 1998 Art Brussels, Gallery de Praktijk, Amsterdam