Carlijn Mens

Carlijn Mens 1972

Lives in Gorinchem. Works in Gorinchem.
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The work of Carlijn Mens is as simple in strength as it is vast in size. Working with pressed charcoal and roll paper in unlimited length, her work has the power to make us not only re-look, but to also reconsider. Drawing shadow to preserve light, she works with endless freedom on forest floors, warehouse grounds, and interior walls, going as far as her paper, her body, and the light will allow. The resulting images seem alive and illuminated, and indeed render as images. Charcoal, and the media of drawing in general, are media often strongly associated with gesture and line. Carlijn's work instead affects us as an impression, an immediate visual experience, created over time, but experienced as a whole. While shadows are most often rendered as figure, and light as ground, Mens instead creates a reversal of figure/ground, not through reversing them, but through indentifying them oppositely to how we are accustomed. By identifying shadow as ground, she is able to move light into the figurative role. This methodology, in conjunction with her subject matter and content, do something quite contemporary with a rather traditional medium. Any media employed for creative means must be carried forward, bearing meaning relevant to contemporary culture(s). This is the responsibility of artists, and it is through this symbiotic relationship between ideas and vision, and the simple media of charcoal and paper that Mens moves not only her media forward, but also our own self-awareness of the worlds which we inhabit. She preserves our places with the silent strength of the light she fixes.

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Documentary Carlijn Mens


Education 2005-2009 Dutch Art Institute (DAI), Enschede Postgraduate Research and Practice in Art - Master of Fine Art 2000-2005 Akademie voor Kunst en Vormgeving / St. Joost, 's Hertogenbosch Bachelor of Fine Art Exhibitions and Projects Upcoming 13 September 2018: Art On Paper, Borzo Gallery,stand 26, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam 23 June 2018: KOEN VERMEULE | JURRIAAN MOLENAAR | CARLIJN MENS, Exhibition in L.A.C. Sigean (Frankrijk | France) 2018 Roadside | Structuren, BorzoGallery (NL) 2016 Bade/ Mens, MDZ galerie, Knokke (Belgium) Art Drawing, galerie Borzo, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Museum Belvedere, Friesland (The Netherlands) Wind en Wolken, kunsthal 45, Den Helder (The Netherlands) Les 10 ans de la Maison Salvan, group show (France) Art Cologne, galerie Borzo, Keulen-Germany Paper Made, group show, Museum Belvedere, Friesland (The Netherlands) Mensch, solo show, Park 013, Tilburg (Nederland) Art Rotterdam, group show, Rotterdam (Nederland) 2015 Groupshow Night and Day, Galerie Dusseldorp, Tilburg Art Drawing, Presented bij galerie Art Affairs Amsterdam and Borzo Amsterdam Symposium, Gorinchem, The Netherlands Kunstbunker, Neurenberg, Germany (kunstbunker - forum für zeitgenössische kunst e.v.) 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Lieu D'art Contemporain, Sigean - France Kunstrai, galerie Borzo, Amsterdam - Holland Preludium 4 in gesprek LUMC, Leiden - Holland. Renie Spoelstra, Raguel Maulwurf, Carlijn Mens 2011 Drawing Centrum, Diepenheim - Holland. Hans Lemmen, Renie Spoelstra, Carlijn Mens. Art-in-residence, Drawing Centre Diepenheim Museum Belvedere, Friesland - Holland Rob de Vries, Haarlem, Natuur 1. 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