Jimmy Robert

Jimmy Robert (1975)

Lives in Berlin. Works in Berlin.

Robert takes his cues from cultural figures of the recent past-avant-garde writers, filmmakers, visual artists – who were not only pioneers in their respective art forms but also deft at subtly registering the traumas and effects of their social conditions. Robert’s concern for the body – both personal and political – in addition to his interest in the poetic potential of ephemeral materials unites much of his work, which ranges in media from photography, film, and video to sculpture and collaborative performance.

Galerie Stigter van Doesburg
Amsterdam - Nederland
For his hour-long performance Imitation of Lives at The Glass House, the artist Jimmy Robert drew on various aspects of the iconic building’s architect, Philip Johnson, and his larger-than-life persona. Robert, accompanied by two additional performers, NIC Kay and Quenton Stuckey, created an exquisite spatial, tonal, and rhythmical collage.
In museum collection:
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
In corporate collection:
De Nederlandsche Bank