Elspeth Diederix

Elspeth Diederix (1971)

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.

The world of Elspeth Diederix is endlessly rich. Bringing these riches to light, the beauty of nature and everyday ‘things’, lies at the core of her work. She approaches a plastic bag with the same fascination as a vase of flowers or a mountain ridge. Through her photography Diederix is looking for the moment in which everyday phenomenon lose their ordinary appearance, the moment in which they show their true selves. She shakes us out of our worn and preconditioned ways of perceiving and exposes the world’s true appearance: sublime, full of surprises, poetry and beauty.

Galerie Stigter van Doesburg
Amsterdam - Nederland
Elspeth Diederix in MJCTV. MJCTV is a project in which contemporary artists, working in the collection of Museum Jan Cunen in collaboration with a professional filmmaker, make an informative, but above all a creative, short film about the artwork in question.
Elspeth Diederix in MJCTV. MJCTV is a project in which contemporary artists, working in the collection of Museum Jan Cunen in collaboration with a professional filmmaker, make an informative, but above all a creative, short film about the artwork in question.
Elspeth Diederix about her work at the Stedelijk Museum
Elspeth Diederix tals about her work on Rietveld TV


Museum Voorlinden
Everyday objects get a new shape in the art of Elspeth Diederix (1971). Her images are often somewhat surreal because of the combinations of objects and the arrangements she makes. A dead normal white folding chair is in this photo undefined landscape. The shadow is drawn in white paint. Next to the scene is the paint bucket: as if the shadow of itself has dripped out of the pot. Diederix deliberately saves distance from digital intervention in her photos: all 'special effects' in her work are the result of manual intervention.
Suzanne Swarts, Director Museum Voorlinden
De Volkskrant
Elspeth Diederix (47) is both a photographer and gardener, so she is able to study endless flowers and plants. In addition, she dives, allowing her to observe the world underwater ... The artist shows beauty, but also the fragility of nature: from a fragile stalk that carries a bunch of flower leaves to floating coral strings on the seabed.
Lotte Stig
Huis Marseille
Elspeth Diederix uses nature in her work to create the surrealistic and magical scenes she has in mind. She works as a director who gives each object a sophisticated place in the composition. For this purpose she often uses unnatural materials and objects, such as plastics and chemical paints, which contrast strongly with the natural environment. In this way she not only comments on nature but also on our consumer society.
Huis Marseille

Market position

Elspeth Diederix is ​​one of the most renowned Dutch photographers with an oeuvre spanning more than 20 years. Her work has been exhibited at all major Dutch institutions for photography such as Foam, Huis Marseille and Het Nederlands Fotomuseum. Her work is included in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and various important corporate collections. She won several prizes including in 2002 the Prix de Rome.

CV Elspeth Diederix

Education 1990-1995 - Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam 1998-2000 - Rijksacademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam Selected solo Exhibitions 2014 Galerie Stigter van Doesburg 2012 Diana Stigter/Unseen, Amsterdam 2012 De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam 2009 Jan Cunen Museum, Oss 2007 Doride/Ultramarine, (with Maura Biava) FOAM, Amsterdam 2007 Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam 2006 De Scheffer Prize, Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht 2004 Supernatural (with Marnix Goossens), Huis Marseille, Amsterdam 2003 Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam 2003 Amsterdam Centrum voor Fotografie, Amsterdam 2001 Wetering Galerie (with Pia Wergius), Amsterdam 2000 ’Portretten’(with Jeroen Kooijmans)Wetering galerie, Amsterdam Selected Group Exhibitions 2015 ‘The photographer’s playspace, Aperture, New York 2014 ' The power of water', Fotodok, Utrecht 2013 'Wit' Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam 2013 'De herontdekking van de wereld', Huis Marseille, Amsterdam 2012 'Zout & Zoet' Kunsthal, Rotterdam 2011' Still/Life' FOAM, Amsterdam 2011 'Eye wonder', National Museum of Women in the Arts, 2009 'Rietveld Arsenale',Venice Arsenale, Venice 2008 'Dutch dare' La fondation studio marangoni, Florence (cat) 2008 Distinctively Dutch, Christies, London (cat) 2007 'Paradise gained' galerie LUMC, Leiden 2007 Galerie Diana Stigter,Amsterdam (solo) 2007 'Familie in Beeld, Vriesendorp uit Dordrecht, Museum Simoon van Gijn, Dordrecht 2007 'Archipelago Olanda', MiArt, Milan (cat) 2007 'Wundergarten' S.U.D., Palermo (cat) 2006 'Coincidence or well planned', Deiska, Amsterdan 2006 'Dutch dare' Australian Cente for Photography, Sydney (cat) 2006 'L'esprit du nord: Netherlands Now', L'ecole du nord' MEP, Paris 2006 'Dice thrown' Bellwether gallery, New York 2006 '11 contemporaries' Michael Hoppen gallery, London 2005 ' Grote kunst voor kleine mensen' De Paviljoens, Almere 2005 'Confrontation' FOAM 2005 'HxBxD', GEM, Den Hag 2005 'In sight' The Art Institute of Chicago(cat) 2005 'Domestic circle' Erasmus Huis, Jakarta 2005 'Constructed moment', KW 14,Den Bosch(cat) 2005 'Magazijn van de verbeelding', Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen 2004 ‘Wonderholland’ Mercati di Traiano, Rome(cat) 2004 'Histoire(s) Paralelle(s) Confrontation', Institut Neerlandais, Paris 2003 ’Section one’ Fotomuseum, The Hague 2003 ‘Link’ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 2003 Galllery Ludovic de Wavrin, Paris 2002 ’A’dam and Eve’ De Appel, Amsterdam 2002 Prix de Rome 1st prize, FOAM, Institut Neerlandais, Paris(cat) 2002 Paris Photo, solo statement,Galerie Diana Stigter, Paris 2002 ’Reality Machines’ NAI, Rotterdam(cat) 2002 ’Fotografen vanNederland’ Fotomuseum, the Hague(cat) 2001 ’Drieluik’ Amsterdams Centrum voor Fotografie, Amsterdam 2001 ’Mooie foto’s’GalerieAschenbach/Hofland, Amsterdam 2001 ’Dutch delight’ FOAM 2000 ’O Sole Mio’ W139, Amsterdam(cat) 2000 ’For Real’ Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (cat) Works in collection(a selection) AMC Artcollection, Amsterdam, Amsterdam Akzo Nobel Art Foundation, Arnhem Akademisch Ziekenhuis, Utrecht Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam ABN AMRO Bank, Amsterdam MEP, Paris Rabobank Mario Testino La Salle Bank, Chicago Prizes 1st prize Prix de Rome Photography 2002 Scheffer prize 2005 Residencies 2008 Townhouse gallery, Cairo 2008 European Ceramic Workcentre, Den Bosch Commissions 2015 Artwork for the Universitair Medisch Centrum, Utrecht 2014 Photography for Studio Wieki Somers book 'Out of the ordinary' 2014 Artwork 'Florals' for ING bank, Amsterdam 2008 Artwork for the CitizenM Hotel, Amsterdam 2007 Artwork for the entrance of the WTC Station, Amsterdam 2006 Artwork for a bicycle pathway underground, Apeldoorn 2005 Artwork for the Central Station, Amsterdam (Amsterdams fonds voor de Kunst) 2003 Artwork for the Rabobank, Utrecht 2000 Artwork for the outdoor patient centre of the AMC,Amsterdam (Amsterdams fonds voor de Kunst) 1999 Artwork for the Rijksgebouwendienst ‘La Fortezza’, Maastricht Books ‘Still life submerged’, Elspeth Diederix 2012. 23 x 15,5cm 26 pages. 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