Andreas Trogisch 1959

Lives in Berlijn, Duitsland. Works in Berlijn, Duitsland.

For the past 35 years, Trogisch (1959) worked on an extensive photographic oeuvre that is still relatively unknown, because it was still little exhibited. Trogisch, who trained and worked as a graphic designer, has been photographing since 1982. It started in the former East Germany and in black and white. Not only because it was cheap and he could develop and print himself, but also because black and white is a first step towards abstracting. Andreas Trogisch reduces his moody black-and-white images to the essence. In doing so, he links his talent for form and composition to an inquiring gaze. The result is melancholy and enigmatic. Trogisch makes images of subtle beauty. Easy to recognize and difficult to fathom. Andreas Trogisch photographs indoors and outdoors. Landscapes, trees, houses, people and still lifes. Too close to be able to speak of a landscape photographer, too far for still life photography. What binds his oeuvre is the role that light plays. He shoots at moments that other photographers prefer to avoid: when the sun is high and the shadows are hard. Or at night, with the fragile glow of a streetlight. And he will never change anything about the available light.

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Biografie 1959 Geboren in Riesa/Elbe 1978 Abitur am Runge-Gymnasium Oranienburg 1984–1989 Studium Grafik-Design und Fotografie an der FWG Berlin-Schöneweide bei Manfred Paul 1989 Abschluss als Ausstellungsgestalter seit 1989 Arbeit als Grafik-Designer und Fotograf seit 2010 Publikation eigener Fotobücher 2014 Aufnahme in die Deutsche Fotografische Akademie Lebt und arbeitet als Grafikdesigner und Fotograf in Berlin photo[at] Ausstellungen (Auswahl) 2018 «Runway», Galerie Franzkowiak, Berlin 2018 Triennale der Fotografie, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg 2017 «Lebensszenen II», Galerie Franzkowiak, Berlin 2017 «Scenes de vie», Fotohaus ParisBerlin, Arles 2016 «Vineta», Galerie im Tempelhof-Museum, Berlin 2016 «Bis Jetzt», Forum für Fotografie, Köln 2015 «City Shapes» (mit Phillip Jones), Anzenberger Gallery Wien «A Decade of Publishing», Forum für Fotografie Köln (G) 2014 «Berlin Wonderland», Gestalten Space (G) Buchveröffentlichungen 2016 «Vineta» bei Peperoni Books 2015 «Aphasia» und «Runway» 2014 «Replies» 2011 «Technik», «Mercedes», «Asphalt», «Desiderata» 2010 «Von Ferne», «Magico»