Saminte Ekeland

Saminte Ekeland (1972)

Lives in Rotterdam. Works in Rotterdam.

Saminte Ekeland draws with thread. Her works are in essence embroidery drawings. The many-layered artwork of Saminte Ekeland is characterised by its chemical marriage between material, style and content. The ‘canvas’, or carrier, is a transparent artificial fibre: polyester. She works with thick polyester quality material as a carrier for her embroidery drawings. In this sense the ‘canvas’ in itself is an important part of what she wants to bring across; it is always a canvas–in–the–world. As paintings or drawings could be viewed as a seduction to the viewer to see through the eyes of the artist, Ekeland’s use of see through thick plastic as the base of her work makes it a literal window to the world. Her manner of expression has evolved in the last 15 years from abstract collages using paper cut-outs fixed with presentation pins to embroidery drawings of figurative images on artificial fibre. The images are made of thread and nylon stockings, black plastic, x-ray marker, sometimes also making use of copper-, silver- and goldthread. The latter is the least expected and hardest to use for embroidery. One work might start off with drawing in acrylic. Sometimes she just starts straight ahead with drawing with yarn. The first step after deciding the subject is always making small sketches. The source material is either a private image or a photograph she carefully selected from the current or gone by news media. The form is also driven by the content of her work. In a certain way the form reflects the content. Or makes a contrast. The technique and material could be sensed as vulnerable and fluid, whereas the subject or theme can be very sharp and harsh. Ekeland describes herself as an individual anarchist. A characteristic and attitude towards life she was always subconsciously aware of, but came to surface after being grasped by ‘Der Einzige und sein Eigentum’ (1845, Max Stirner). Ekeland: ‘I see this work of Stirner as an ecstatic masterpiece. It is one of the most extreme books ever been written. His iconoclastic egoism is exhilarating and his intellectual precision is splitting, his expression harsh and challenging: ‘Make yourself be heard!’ ‘ Two of her works were chosen for a show at the Stedelijk Museum Zwolle. She agreed to show them on the condition she was allocated a wall space to exhibit her large scale wall installation entitled ‘ My ideal punkband’, which has been an on going project since 2014. The members of the band were and are, through time selected not so much for their ability as musicians, but rather for their expression and attitude towards life. Some names of the band as it is now are: Bertrand Russell, Sid Vicious, Egon Schiele, Muhammed Ali, Henrik Ibsen, Johnny Rotten, but also her partner in life, filmmaker and artist Rolf den Dunnen. ‘It is the anarchistic attitudes of these poets, mavericks, from all draws of life, past and present that attract Ekeland.

Frank Taal Galerie
Rotterdam - Nederland
Saminte Ekeland, Opening word by Anke Bangma, creative director TENT. Witte de With, Centre for Contemporary Art Rotterdam
Exhibition Lex Barbarorum December​ 2017
Opening word by Anke Bangma, creative director TENT. Witte de With, Centre for Contemporary Art Rotterdam Exhibition Lex Barbarorum December​ 2017
Saminte Ekeland, Portrait by Jan de Bruin, artist, photographer​ - March 2019
Portrait by Jan de Bruin, artist, photographer​ - March 2019
Saminte Ekeland, Opening word by Anke Bangma, creative director TENT. Witte de With, Centre for Contemporary Art Rotterdam
Exhibition Lex Barbarorum December​ 2017
Opening word by Anke Bangma, creative director TENT. Witte de With, Centre for Contemporary Art Rotterdam Exhibition Lex Barbarorum December​ 2017


Directeur Stedelijk Museum Van Bommel van Dam
The works of Saminte Ekeland are mostly photo-based, refined collages made with innovative techniques with enigmatic, expressive visual language.
Rick Vercauteren
Artistiek directeur TENT.
Opening speech by Anke Bangma, Creative director TENT. Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art - solo Saminte Ekeland, Lex Barbarorum, November 18, 2017 [... It is wonderful how her special materials and technology come into play. She draws her figures with thread, and with that thread a series of associations is set in motion, which you can look at endlessly, and where the loose ends seem just as important as the lines that outline the contours. Her threads evoke figures who have freed themselves from the larger social fabric. They also sometimes cause confusion, chaos, wounds. For playfulness, loveliness, or a small gesture of venom (there is a girl who seems to be holding one thread loosely in both hands.]
Anke Bangma
Rolf den Dunnen Independent Film, Videomaker, Photographer, Rotterdam
Saminte Ekeland's visual language expresses itself in layered artworks, characterized by a chemical marriage between material, style and content. All Ekeland's work is "drawn" with thread and needle. As the carrier of her embroidery drawings, she uses a thick, transparent polyester, the same type of plastics that is used for windows in the production of luxury yachts. In this way the canvas itself becomes an important part of what it wants to convey. It is always a cloth in the world. The paintings and drawings can be seen as a temptation for the viewer to look through the eyes of the artist. Everybody's choice to use transparent plastic as the basis for her work makes it a real window to the world.
Rolf den Dunnen

CV Saminte Ekeland

Saminte Ekeland (Rotterdam, 1972) Lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands Education 1995-1997 Piet Zwart, Tweede Fase (Master), Rotterdam. 1992-1995 Willem de Kooning Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Rotterdam. Nominatie Drempelprijs 1987- 1992 Stabekk Gymnasium, Oslo, Norway Art Fairs 2013 Großer Herbstrundgang der Spinnereigalerien, Leipzig, Germany; Hello; International gallery presentation 2013 Art Warehouse, Art Fair - Galerie Frank Taal (Rotterdam) 2012 Art Gent - Galerie Frank Taal 2012 Slick Art Fair Brussels - Galerie Frank Taal 2011 Art Amsterdam – Galerie Frank Taal 2010 Art Amsterdam – duo presentation – Galerie Frank Taal 2004 Art Fair Rotterdam - Galerie No Name 2002 Art Fair Rotterdam - Galerie No Name Collections Collectie Stedelijk Museum Van Bommel Van Dam, Collectie Hogeschool Rotterdam, Carla & Hugo Brown Collectie, Jeroen Princen Collectie, Private collections Museum presentations 2014 Stedelijk Museum Zwolle (NL), Mannen door Vrouwen, wall installation “The Ideal Punkband” 2013 Museum van Bommel Van Dam (NL), Nieuw, nieuwer, nieuwst! [1]. Artist in focus 2012 De Kunsthal, Kunstcollectie Hogeschool Rotterdam 2011 Scheltema Complex Leiden ‘Haunted House' – curated by Midas Zwaan 1999 TENT., Rotterdam ‘De Salon’; Rotterdam and Groningen based artist, 2004 De Kunsthal Rotterdam, ‘Prospecten van nooit vermoed schoon’ Group exhibition 2002 Nederlands Textielmuseum, Tilburg ‘Hat & Art’ Group exhibition, , Musée du Chapeau, Lyon Objects of Desire, USA. 1994 TENT., Rotterdam ‘Na Anna 2’ Group exhibition 1992 TENT., Rotterdam ‘HDV’ Group exhibition artist initiative HDV,. EYE LOVE YOU – 2014 – Present: artist run Art Space; curated by Rolf den Dunnen & Saminte Ekeland Exhibitions 2017 ‘Lex Barbarorum’ – solo exhibition Galerie Frank Taal 2013 ‘Outer Dark’ – solo exhibition Galerie Frank Taal 2012 ‘Figure This – group exhibition Galerie Frank Taal 2011 ‘Raaklijnen’ – Galerie Frank Taal 2011 ‘Attraction of the opposites’ – Cucosa – curator Kiki Petratou Gallery exhibition – Tomoo Gokita – Birgit Verwer – Rob van der Hoeven – Gavi Nolan – Alexis Milne - Dwight Marika – Wietse Eeken – Arjen van Krieken - Peter Beuchler – Jan Robert Leegte 2011 ‘Muze’ Groepstentoonstelling Muze in Galerie Frank Taal – openingsexpositie met Rob Scholte, Anne van Eck, Anouk Griffioen, Kuin Heuff en Riette Wanders 2011 Kunstroute CBK Schiedam 2011 Selected Young Art Collection – CBK Rotterdam 2011 Nieuwe Vide Haarlem ‘GEEN GELD WEL OVERUREN’ – curator Moritz Ebinger. Group exhibition with Henk Visch - Emo Verkerk - Jos Berkers - Karla Hoeben - Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest - Moritz Ebinger - Rob Scholte - Robin Kolleman - Roland Vos - Ruchama Noorda - Saminte Ekeland - Telka van Dodewaard - Theo Veldema - Zwaan Kuiper- Anne-Marie van Sprang - Banketje Design - Candy Depew - Femke Schaap. 2009 I AM THE GREATEST! Boksperformance in de openbare ruimte tijdens museumnacht, Rotterdam. 2009 KunstSuper - Gallery, Rotterdam ‘Nieuw Werk’ Solo exhibition,. 2008 CBK, Rotterdam ‘Collage Rocks!’ Group exhibitin in. 2007 De KunstSuper - Gallery, Rotterdam ‘Kunstboulevard’ Groepstentoonstellling, Installation in situ,. 2007 Ministry of Housing), The Hague ‘Tree of Life 2’. Commissioned Installlation Kunst in de Openbare Ruimte, Ministerie VROM 2006 Architectenburo MVRDV, Rotterdam ‘De Salon’ Group exhibition,. 2005 Kantine Handelsveem Steinweg BV, Rotterdam-Zuid ‘Exit???- Dirty Diana’ Group exhibition. 2005 Ministerie van VROM (Ministry of Housing), The Hague ‘Tree of Life’ Commissioned installation Kunst in de Openbare Ruimte 2005 Scheepvaartsmuseum, Rotterdam ‘Out of the Norwegian wood’ Group exhibition. 2005 Berendsen galerie voor eigentijdse kunst, Rotterdam Duo exhibition 2005 Hoogheemraadschap Noorderkwartier, Edam ‘Levensboom’ Commissioned installation Kunst in de openbare ruimte,. 2005 Galerie No Name, Rotterdam La Mia Notte. Solo exhibition 2005 Galerie Emmy Miltenburg, Schiedam Wonen en Kunst. Group exhibition 2004 Katendrecht, Rotterdam ‘Getekend Katendrecht’. Performance tijdens zomertentoonstelling Getekend. 2004 CBK, Rotterdam Het Dak Eraf! Videoperformance tijdens seizoensopening 2003 Galerie No Name, Rotterdam Between lines. Duo exhibition,. 2003 CBK, Lantaren/Venster and Nighttown, Rotterdam Dogtag/Trust Me. Performance during Rotterdams Fabrikaat, 2002 Galerie No Name, Rotterdam City Dust. Solo exhibition. 2002 atelierpand Switch, Rotterdam Switch. Initiator, co-organizor and exhibitor Group exhibition 2002 Videogallery VideoDreams, Rotterdam; Co-organizor and exposant video exhibition 2001 Gallery Erasmus, Rotterdam. ‘De Bloedende Man’ Duo exhibition, 2002 Galerie No Name, Rotterdam ‘Atelierklanten’ Group exhibition 2000 CBK, Rotterdam ‘Met andere woorden’ Group exhibition textual artist 1999 CBK, Rotterdam Het Jaar van het handschrift. Group exhibition 1999 Artist initiative de Kunsthuid, Rotterdam, ‘Sneak’ Initiatior, co-organizor en participating artist Group exhibition 1997 Polaris, Rotterdam Swarm. Group exhibition 1997 Villa Alkmaer, Rotterdam. Swarm. Group exhibition 1997 Gallery Melevana, Oslo, Norway ‘Picture of orality’ Group exhibition, 1996 Akademie Breda ‘Lichting’ selected artists Master students, 1995 Bureau fur Kunst, Bielefeld, Germany ‘Kunstscoop’ Group exhibition, 1994 Villa Alkmaer, Rotterdam ‘Donc’ Group exhibition. 1992 Gallery de Sterrenwacht, Rotterdam. ‘The Eye’ Group exhibition with filminstallations, curated by director Alain Fleischer, 1992 ‘Labels & Bagels’ Labelproject for Art Festival De Wereld van de Witte de With, Rotterdam. 1992 ‘Labels & Stubnitz’, Labelproject during Adrift Stubnitz/Las Palmas, Rotterdam.