Mike Ottink

Mike Ottink 1966

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.
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Frank Taal Galerie

Mike Ottink investigates the functioning of sensory experiences and perceptions in his projects. Ottink intuitively developed his own visual language - a language that can be transposed from one sensory discipline to another. Ottink’s current paintings stem from drawing graphic and musical scores. Compared to his 'fleeting' installations or performances in sound and moving image, these are isolated, stand-alone images. They are an alternative to the sound photo or video recordings, which according to Ottink, corrupt the moment of execution.

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PCP-Book0 2016, oil, acrylic, felt, 83 63 cm - private collection
PCP-Book0 2016, oil, acrylic, felt, 83 63 cm - private collection
PCP-Book0 2016, oil, acrylic, felt, 83 63 cm - private collection
live sound performance from VHSUHF a collaboration between Mike Ottink and Brian McKenna (NL / CAN). - opening performance with solo Ottink Analytic Overlay


VHSUHF, collaborator
"Don't take shit from anybody, always stand your ground." Mike Ottink has never actually said this to me, at least, not in so many words, but something about the way he works – his general approach to life, music, art, etc. seem to say this all the time. His work is oozing with both raw-talent and ridiculously well cultivated skills, however, these attributes are guided by an overriding commitment to the pure foundations of what is truly important to art, life & music: the inspired execution, the punk-rock ethic, the urgency of expression. I've known Mike since 2006, and since then he's been a great friend, an awesome collaborator, and a genuinely respectable standup citizen of the universe. He's never actually kicked my ass, but I totally know he could.
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Brian D. McKenna


2019 2018 'Maydays' at The Warp, Noise Performances, with Andre Avelas & Brian Mckenna, De Kunstkapel, Amsterdam 'Nonwovens' duo performance, with Andre Avelas, Occii/Radio Patapoe, Amsterdam. 2017 ‘Analytic Overlay’ solo show, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam. (the show also contained a performance and mixed media installation by VHSUHF) ‘Magic party discoteque’, Audio-performance, vhsuhf, Parking Lot#3 pre-release, Occii Amsterdam . 2016 ’Preconscious Processing’ Amsterdam Drawing art fair, solo at Frank Taal galery booth, sept 2016 ‘Welcome to the superdrone and the oscillating big band’ VHSUHF +GJ Prins, Mark Bain Andre Avelas, Occii Amsterdam, 2015 -Amusing ourselves to death’ group show, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam - ‘Your call is very important to us’ Parking Lot Presents, 3 hour radio show hosted by Brian D. McKenna, Mark Bain, Mike Ottink, Red light radio Amsterdam. - ‘Parking Lot’ Artist-Magazine edition#1, curated by Katerina Karamigianni. contribution, ‘Notes and quotes on the fabric of reality’ and noise performance(VHSUHF), Paradiso Amsterdam. - ‘Reverse Causality’ duo show (with Ties Ten Bosch), Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam. 2014 - ‘Entropy and the Grid,’ group show, Non Fiction, Amsterdam. - ‘The great last minute art fair, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam. - ‘ABBA-art books by artists’ curated by Sodom&Gomorrah, Vondelbunker, Amsterdam. - ‘Figure That’ group show, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam. - ‘Kopstukken’ group show, Het huis met de hoofden, Amsterdam. - ‘Connected 010-020’ group show, Galerie Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam. 2013 - ‘Small Works’ group show, RAM-Foundation. - ‘Implicate Order’ solo show, galerie Frank Taal Rotterdam. - ‘Flamingos and Hedgehogs’ group show, by Collectief Ondergrond, Amsterdam. -‘Time to recollect’ string resonance performance, ‘vhsuhf’ Stadthausgalerie Kunsthalle, Munster. 2012 - ‘You Killed the Underground Film or the Real Meaning of Kunst bleibt... bleibt...’ new improvised noise-audio to Wilhelm Hein’s film, (with John Dykeman) Sly Propotter (Lost Property), Amsterdam. - ‘Figure This’ group show, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam. - ‘Under the Weather’, ‘routinely risking destruction for the sake of narrow gains’ audio installation, Bunker-NDSM-werf, Amsterdam. - ‘Remote Resistance’ electro-acoustic noise performance ‘Museum Nacht 2012’ (with Brian McKenna and Andre Avelas) Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam. 2011 - ‘Attraction of the Opposites’ groupshow, curated by Kiki Petratou, Cucosa, Rotterdam. - ‘Thuis’ group show at Frank Taal’s home domain, during Art Rotterdam. - ‘Nestwerk’ group show, curated by Jabu Arnell, Rooftop Kraaienest, Amsterdam.. - ‘Noise Spectra’, ‘Alchemic conceptual diy strings’ electro-accoustic audiovisual performance, Das Spectrum, Utrecht. 2010 - ‘Lucky Corner’ Zoete-Broodjes presents Never-Everland, audio-sculpture, Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam. - ‘Psychodelicatessen’, two hour electro-acoustic, VHSUHF, live noise-radio set, Radio Patapoe. 2009 - ‘Kamer/Room#1’, interactive audio-visual installation, Zoete-Broodjes, My Friends no2, Amsterdam. - ‘Der Golem’, Salon Unmuted nr07, New Sound to Silent Films, ‘Der Golem wie er in die welt kam’ (with Seamus Cater) Goethe-Institute Amsterdam, Amsterdam. - ‘Loud and excessive Noise’, electro-acousic noise performance, The Beehive Experiment/OT301, Amsterdam. 2008 - ‘Canadia: Land of Myth and Media’, electroacoustic performance after drawn score based on group of seven Canadian landscape painters (with Brian McKenna, Seamus Cater) Mediamatic-PostCS, Amsterdam.. - ‘Notenkraker’ improvised noise performance, Hallo Gallo, OCCII, Amsterdam. - ‘MAVO’ Zoete-Broodjes presents, group show, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam. - ‘Post Digital Festival’ electro-acoustic audio-visual performance, DNKAmsterdam/Smart Project Space, Amsterdam. - ‘Tuning#3’ electro-acoustic audio-visual performance, TRY Tone, Zaal 100, Amsterdam. 2007 - ‘Tuning#1’ audio-visual performance, Mobile-Institute Noailles, Brussels, Belgium. - ‘Tuning#2’ audiovisual performance, DNK-Amsterdam, OT301 Amsterdam.