Daan den Houter

Daan den Houter (1977)

Lives in Rotterdam. Works in Rotterdam.

Daan den Houter is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist. The visual language he uses to externalise his ideas varies from video, installation and sculpture to activities where he allows the public to become part of the artwork. Money, identity, art, its granted value and generally accepted perceptions of these themes is what Den Houter’s work evolves around. Den Houter observes society as a participant, then takes a step aside, analyses it and touches a raw nerve by doing so. Den Houter works and lives in Rotterdam.

Frank Taal Galerie
Rotterdam - Nederland
Dutch television report on "EN WAT NU" in tv show "Moois"
Dutch television report on "EN WAT NU" in tv show "Moois"
Day After Image EN WAT NU Solo show by Daan den Houter - Ice paintings
Opening EN WAT NU solo daan den Houter - epoxy in wood panels and ice queue rows - on violin 'Max Slater "
Ein sonntagspaziergang um den Aachener weiher in Koln (2012) Loosing one-euro cent coins through a hole in my pocket during a four-hour walk around the Aachener Weiher (a small lake in Cologne). Leaving a trail of money that preserves itself.


Wat Banksy heeft gedaan, deed ik eerder
Jamie van Velzen - Algemeen Dagblad, Tuesday, October 16, 2018 "What Banksy did I did before" Artist Banksy shredded his painting shortly after the auction. Daan den Houter from Rotterdam did something like already in 2003. Now he has an exhibition with melting paintings. Banksy hid a shredder in his painting. What did you do in 2003? "As a graduation project I put all my original drawings from the academy in a list that also included a shredder. At the touch of a button, the viewer nipped the drawing and the following one appeared. Scared, because he knew nothing. For me it was about the value of a drawing. This is only viewed by that one visitor ". On Saturday, your exhibition opened in the Frank Taal gallery with something else disappearing: ice paintings. How do you make it? "I work with a mold in a freezer that looks like a container that sells ice. Every time I paint a layer of water-based paint on that mold. That freezes and then I paint the next layer over it. The art is hanging on the wall without a frame. That the art will disappear, that's for sure. " So is it supposed to melt? "That is exactly the intention! It is therefore constantly changing. It is similar to a sunset; it is elusive. Every visitor sees something different. I like to play with things that seem impossible. Normally a painting remains unchanged. Does this elusiveness also appear in other works? "Yes, I also came up with the Overschilderschilderij. I made a painting that hung in a gallery. Then I brought it to another painter to paint a new painting on it. The canvas now consists of 131 layers and therefore paintings. " Why is the exhibition called AND WHAT NOW? It applies to these paintings because they melt. Then you think: and what now? What should you do with it? "
Jamie van Velzen
Beste tentoonstelling van 2018
Jeroen Bosch, co-director of Trendbeheer, selected "EN WAT NU" in his year-end list as the best exhibition in 2018.JB: The ice paintings by Daan den Houter by Frank Taal were more than entertaining. I believe I came by four times. Never a dull moment. No you should not have missed this.“More than nice, mandatory food, recommended for the entire family. A punish example of concept work with eye-catching physical. "
Jeroen Bosch

CV Daan den Houter

Education: 1997‐1999 A.I (Artificial Intelligence) Utrecht 1999‐2003 KABK (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague) Upcoming 14 oktober 2018 - 24 november 2018 - EN WAT NU - solotentoonstelling Frank Taal galerie Rotterdam Exhibitions(selection): Continuous: Since 2002 : presentation '”Canvas‐Repaint, Gallery de Aanschouw. (8 times a year) Since 2011 : “a postcard says more”, stainless steel postcard placed in different city’s in Europe in collaboration with Marijke Appelman = Hoorn (NL), Rotterdam(NL), Zadar (HR), Lissabon (PT), Antwerp (BE), Oslo (NO), Copenhagen (DK), Istanbul (TR), Schiphol (NL), Bern (CH), Brussel (B), Rome (IT), Madrid (S), Berlin (DE), London (UK) 2015 Inside the White Cube, Arena, Los Angeles (U.S.A.) 2015 Wish you were here?, Hestercombe Gallery, Hestercombe (UK) 2015 Amusing ourselve to death, De Rotterdam/Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam 2015 Do-It, Kunsthal, Rotterdam 2015 Kindred Spirits, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam 2015 Kunst Rai, Sophee Maree Gallery, Amsterdam 2015 Dysfunctional Matters, Corrosia Stad, Almere 2015 Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, Cruisterminal, Rotterdam 2015 Wish you were here?, MAC, Birmingham (UK) 2014 Art in Redlight (solo), Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam 2014 Wish you were here? The Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport (UK) 2014 Invisible Art Festival, Lodge 222, Haarlem 2014 Supermarket Artfair, TFHMF Award, Stockholm (SE) 2014 Layer 100 Canvas-Repaint (solo), Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam 2014 Sowieso (solo), Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam 2013-2014 Memory Mail Art, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, Canada 2013 King Size, Dutch Embassy, Berlin, (DE) 2013 King Size, Ampelhaus, Oraniembaum (DE) 2013 Hello, Galerie Frank Taal, Leipzig (DE) 2013 As Fake As Reality, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam 2013 Aesthetica Art Prize, York st Mary’s, York, U.K. 2013 Art At the Warehouse, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam 2013 Slaughter those public relations, LE SUD, Rotterdam 2012 Closing Part, foundation Noordkaap, Dordrecht 2012 Super Burrow, foundation Noordkaap /Lisbon (PT) 2012 C’est la … Vie, SBK Dordrecht, Dordrecht 2012 Use It Again, Ampelhaus, Oraniembaum, (DE) 2012 Slickartfair, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam 2012 Re:Rdam, Artfair, Rotterdam 2012 Adios Holanda! Foundation Noordkaap/Jack in the Box, Cologne (DE) 2011 Op Zunne Kop, Foundation KOP, Breda 2011 Adios Holanda! Foundation Noordkaap, Istanbul (TR) 2011 Invisible City, Shadowingcitys, Schiedam 2011 Adios Holanda! Foundation Noordkaap /White Box, München (DE) 2011 Territorial Pissings, Foundation KOP, Breda 2011 Art Amsterdam, Galerie Frank Taal, Amsterdam 2010 Kunst‐foto EXPO, Chez Mo‐i, Rotterdam 2010 'For The Time Being I', Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam 2010 fam.RUIM, Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam 2009 ‘Zoo’n moeder’, Pictura, Dordrecht 2008 Yes, Galerie MAMA, Rotterdam 2007 Evolution de l’Art, Blauwe huis, Amsterdam 2007 Paintings, Kunstsuper, Rotterdam 2007 ‘ DAAN & Anique’, Boray Galerie, ST Petersburg, Rusland 2007 Identity, Stichting Kop, Breda 2007 Beyond, Het Gebouw, Leidsche Rijn. 2006 Heel Kapot, Villa Zebra, Rotterdam. 2005 Shell Young art Award, Kunsthal, Rotterdam 2004 All Mixed Up, Galerie 300procent, Schiedam 2003 Shell Young Art Award, Shellgebouw, Den Haag 2003 Ikke, Galerie 300procent, Schiedam 2003 Start!, Gem, The Hague Interventions: 2010 ‘High Tea’ foundation Noordkaap, Keulen 2010 ‘Sauber machen’ Berlin, Germany 2009 ‘DAAN IS TOF’ 5 frames in Pathé, Pathé 2008 ‘DAAN IS TOF” Metropolis M advertisement 2008 ‘Dit is dit, Mama’, Galerie Mama, museum night, Rotterdam 2007 TACTIE!, Bureau voor Hedendaags AvontuurThe Hague 2007 Repeat When Necessary, Kunstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany 2007 Werkstatt, Dordrecht 2007 Biesboschbeddennacht, Brabantse Biesbosch Drimmelen 2007 From Dordt to Dort Dordrecht ‐ Dortmund 2007 ‘This is this goes Goes’, woonbeurs Goes Goes 2005 Hambrug‐Hamburg,Delft ‐ Hamburg 2005 “This is not just wallpaper… it’s our life philosophy!”, Delft 2005 Knikkerbaan, Galerie1646, The Hague 2005 ‘Great performances’, Moira, Utrecht 2005 Fremdkörper, Dordtsalon, Rotterdam 2005 The Morning After, Quartair, The Hague 2005 Getxo Arte, Getxo Arte, Bilbao, Spain 2005 Dit is dit, Moira, Utrecht 2005 Dit is deze muurschildering, Tag, Den Haag (met ‘dit is dit’) 2004 Dit zijn deze tekeningen, Galerie 1646, The Hague 2003 Banalitäten, Hamburg, Germany Assignments: 2014 Design and coordination, city of Dordrecht, new skatepark, Dodrecht 2009‐2010 design and realization Skatepark Sweatshop, H.S.U. (The Hague Skateboerd Union), La Haye 2008 research ‘Locals Only’ time document about the Dordrechtskateboardscene, city of Dordrecht 2007 design and coordination Skatepark Leidschendam city Leidschendam‐Voorburg Prizes: 2015 Prix de Rome, longlist 2014 TFHMF award short list 2013 Aesthetica Art Prize, long list 2012 Nomination royal awards for painting 2012 2007 Nomination prize ‘Bakens aan het Water’ 2006 1e prize The Hague, culture prize ‘De Komeet’ (met ‘dit is dit’) 2003 Incentive prize Shell Young Art Award Publications: 2010 Algemeen Dagblad 2009 Items #1, 2009 2008 NRC Next 04‐08‐2008 2007 Bakens aan het water 2006 Witte de With so Cool 2004 Cultureel Supplement NRC Handelsblad Readings: 2010 Artist’s talk, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam 2009 Magazijn van het geluk #22, RO‐theater, Rotterdam 2007 Voorspel, oude KPN‐gebouw, The Hague