Marilou van Lierop

Marilou van Lierop (1957)

Lives in Antwerpen. Works in Antwerpen.

Marilou van Lierop applies paint to photos and photo collages. Her images typically represent people petted together, thus placing emphasis on the group, the mass. Through the slight chaos and complexity of Van Lierop’s composite images, the social pressure of society can be felt. In an attempt to get a grip on their environment people devise narratives and mental constructions. Marilou van Lierop overpaints images with a similar goal: she wants to tap into the underlying, implicit storylines and rewrite them. Sometimes she applies white lines as connecting signs between people or between an isolated individual and a crowd. Her lines however offer no guidance, because, in her view, order is nothing but a projection of man.

Frank Taal Galerie
Rotterdam - Nederland


Niets is wat het lijkt. Welkom in het bevreemdende universum van Marilou van Lierop
[... Marilou van Lierop paints an elusive, surprising, slightly surreal world. Recognizable and at the same time unfathomable. While painting she explores social and existential phenomena. She paints the chaos and helpless man's ways of getting a grip on it. Our eyes glide back and forth across the mass scenes and find no peace anywhere. Van Lierop does not lead our gaze. She's not forcing. There is no center, no focus, just calm chaos. In some works, however, she applies white lines as connecting signs between people or between an isolated individual and a crowd. This is how she introduces an order. "But that is a human projection," she says about it. “We want to organize. And then we think that order is the reality. We create things that transcend us - mass, science, religion - and are then afraid of it. " ... Nothing is what it seems. Welcome to the strange universe of Marilou van Lierop ....]
Eric Rinckhout
Picturing Mood: the work of Marilou van Lierop
In a recent series of paintings Marilou van Lierop combines techniques and depictions prevalent through her work with a volumetric support that suggests more than simply an underpinning function. The paintings are done on large, semi-spherical convex surfaces patterned with small holes. They are similar, comparable to, climbing surfaces used for indoor bouldering found in sports climbing gyms. Placed on them is an array of diffuse imagery intimating obscure origins. One contains a swirling crowd together in a gathering; figures are sharply defined in the foreground beyond which is a dark swelling mass. Another painting shows a vortex-like sky view of a mineral mine behind which are the lineaments of a distant landscape. There is a largely dark grey painting bisected by a foreshortened white line with oblique lines springing from either side. It also contains washed-out strokes beneath the white ones, a part of the under- painting. Graphically, it is reminiscent of cryptic pre-historic landscape patterns. In this series is an example of an image with religious significance, Mount Arafat covered with pilgrims during the Hajj. While van Lierop has used different supports in the past, these images traverse a weighty structure, an emphasis on dimension that would seem to exceed pictorial significance. This property of the works, however, also spurs an embrace of ambiguity which occurs throughout the artist’s oeuvre: a disposition to the hidden.
Simon Deakin
H ART #166 26.01.2017 "Met de blik van de buitenstaander"
With a studious face, artist Diego Tonus is hammering on a wooden block. He solemnly uses copies from one displayed collection of presidential hammers in the film "Processing Authorities". The one hammer blow sounds perky, the next comes power, because he who chairs meetings is the boss. It has something touching, that artist and are scientifically sound research method. Of course, wooden hammer sounds do not say anything about power. But the detour to deal with an important subject is so unexpected, it makes an impression. Tonus is one of the many artists who published in the originally Belgian, but internationally oriented artists' magazine Gagarin, founded in 2000 that will stop the impending 33rd issue, as planned at the outset. And now he is one of the participants of the exhibition "See How the Land Lays" in the stately Huis Huguetan in The Hague where West exhibition space has settled temporarily. Visual artists filled the numbers of Gagarin, twice a year. How those texts relate to statue? The artists' contributions in the magazine are open. It is a multiple in approach: sometimes it is one script from an earlier video work, then again it is a contribution that stands on its own. Marilou van Lierop leaves for example on the pages the words of the Watergate tapes disappear, until rudimentary fragments remain: words dance an almost white leaf mirror and emotional. As if they are starting a new story. Her video work exhibited "Total Recall of Mundane Conversations" is also based on actual events: a float disappears, according to tradition, in a smokescreen during Carnival. Spectacular, but the actual appeal of the video is in the crowd around the car that pulsates and moves as if it is following undefined natural laws. The filmed event shows the underlying fabric of group dynamics, with the camera in the role of the astonished outsider. That look from the outsider no doubt comes close to how cosmonaut Gagarin felt when he went to the earth returned. That is at least what the exhibition aims at: how does the country look when you look at it from the outside. That feeling immeasurably renounces the movie "Powers of 10" that Charles and Ray Eames made for IBM in 1977, which is not part of the exhibition. The recording starts with a picnic in a park, to zoom out to the infinity of the universe. So, but exactly the other way around it must be to return to earth: first the wide view, then inevitably the return to Earth and the landing on one point, where your feet touch the ground. What does the country look like? Full of associative events, according to van Lierop. Regulated by power, that Tonus can be as fast as sound dies out, according to Tonus. The exhibition has an unmistakable poetic keynote. Inevitably, if the basis of the exhibition is anchored in the written word. But the poetic also belongs to the visual arts: Latifa Echakhch built clouds of cardboard. Sheep clouds float low along the ground. If you walk around it, you will see the back: a dark, functional construction. For a bit further on a large flag is about to disappear through a small opening, a work by Gabriel Kuri. A flag should flutter in the wind, stand out. But now we catch the screen - with a page of a Spanish on it book - that seems to want to disappear. At Guillaume Bijl, the flags are arranged in a perky way in his installation "New Democratic Party". They are European, nationalistic and local: The European Union, the Netherlands and The Hague. Bijl also zooms in. We are in the decor of a political meeting. The seats are ready but the audience have not yet arrived. Music from Joe Cocker blares cheerfully through the loudspeakers, the pulpit waits for the speaker. That is undoubtedly Stef Duyck, announced on posters on the walls. With his round cheeks, his neat black suit, he looks suspiciously suspicious from. Would this Stef be a folk driver? Does he have Nazi sympathies, is he a populist? Who looks for signs that it betraying the ideas of this fictional party is disappointed. The clouds that left and right of the pulpit projected, do not betray anything. Things are not going well in these times of populism and migration where the EU is and politics cannot find solutions. However, Bijl does not make firm statements. He creates a theatrical environment that mercilessly confronts you with your own vision. "See How the Land Lays", with an additional exhibition in West, could easily have derailed in a multiple voices and ideas, given the huge list of artists who once published in the magazine. S.M.A.K. will end January Gagarin also ringing out with an exhibition. In The Hague, the compilers, collective H.E.L.D., succeeded mystery, poetic freedom and even a vision of politically convincing merging. Look at the clouds: with Echakhch they are associative, with Bijl they are potentially pregnant with political significance. Same form, different message.
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CV Marilou van Lierop

Marilou van Lierop 1957 Hulst (NL) Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium Exhibitions/selection 2017 ROTTERDAM (NL) - NO-GO Area - DUO - Lien Hüwels & Marilou van Lierop, Frank Taal Galerie Rotterdam 2017 DELFT (NL) - DUO - INDIVIDU EN MASSE - Hans Van Der Ham & Marilou van Lierop, Prinsenkwartier Kadmium 2017 GHENT (BE) - THE STRING TRAVELLER - Museum of Contemporary Art S.M.A.K. Curator Wilfried Huet - With a/o Leonor Antunes, Bernd Lohaus, Roman Ondák… 2017 HERZELE (BE) – The RectoryCurator Sven Vanderstichelen, ARTURE #6 2016 THE HAGUE (NL) – SEE HOW THE LAND LAYS - Former High Council of the Netherlands Curated by HELDWith a/o Edith Dekyndt, Javier Téllez, Latifa Echakhch… 2016 INVESTIGATIONS IN THE UNCANNY 2016 ‘s HERTOGENBOSCH (NL) – Willem II FactoryCurator Loek GrootjansWith a/o Vincent Geyskens, Robert Gober, Wilhelm Sasnal… 2016 ANTWERP (BE) – DUO - PETER BUGGENHOUT & MARILOU VAN LIEROP, Crepain House 2016 ROTTERDAM (NL) – SOLO - SNOWFLAKES,114,272,309-14,312 - 313, Gallery Frank Taal 2015 ROTTERDAM| Galerij FRANK TAAL | M. van Lierop, B. Braam, D. den Houter, etc 2015 ROTTERDAM - voormalig Shell gebouw Hofplein | "BEING AND NOTHINGNESS" Route du Nord | curated by Zic Zerp 2015 ANTWERPEN - Markgravelei 94 | "UNTOLD" with Jan Van Oost - Anouk Westerling 2015 MECHELEN - DE GARAGE - | "MIXED EMOTIONS" Group exhibition in joint venture with Gemeentemuseum HELMOND and Kunstpalais & Städtische Sammlung ERLANGEN 2014-2015 PARIS - CNEAI - Île des Impressionistes | Presentation: "Total recall of mundaine conversations" "Quelle beauté, quel calme, j'ai vu les nuages et, au loin, leur ombre." Yuri Gagarin 2014 NEW YORK CITY - DREAM THE END @Browery |"Come and Play" Pop-up Gallery 2014 ROTTERDAM - ROTTERDAMSE SCHOUWBURG | POETRY INTERNATIONAL ROTTERDAM "Alles te verbergen - Niets te verbergen" with P. Verhelst – P. Holvoet Hanssen – L. Gruwez 2014 GENT - HET PAND - Onderbergen 1 |"HET WONDERKABINET" Group exhibition with Nadia Navea - Nick Erving - Anton Cotteleer - Rubben Bellinckx - Robert Devriendt 2014 ROTTERDAM Galerij FRANK TAAL | Solo exhibition | "The rain does not fall but goes to its place" 2014 BRUSSELS KUSSENEERS Gallery| Solo exhibition Marilou van Lierop "no bush, no stone, no person and no animal" | Solo exhibition Jus Juchtmans "Friction" 2014 BRUSSELS KUSSENEERS Gallery | Group exhibition "La vérité en Peinture" Manifold Positions and Possibilities in Painting, curated by Hans Martens 2013 BREDA ‐ LOKAAL 01 | "FINAL SHOW" Once more, unto the breach, dear friends, once more (last project) 2013 ROTTERDAM ‐ "ART WAREHOUSE" ‐ a new art fair, expo and multidisciplinary festival 2013 SINT‐NIKLAAS ‐ "FOCUS OP 1" ‐ Ambassadeurs van de Academie ‐ 200 jaar Academie 2012‐2013 ANTWERP ‐ "L'Edition Populaire #14" ‐ VITRINEGALERIJ | "july days 2012" ‐ Borgerhout 2012 GARAGE ROTTERDAM ‐ INTO THE LABYRINTH Artists: Jisan Ahn, Ron Amir, Silvia B, Otto Egberts, Pietsjanke Fokkema, Hans Op de Beeck, Marilou van Lierop, Levi van Veluw 2012 Antwerp KUSSENEERS Gallery ‐ De Burburestraat 11 2012 Rotterdam ‐ Galerij FRANK TAAL | Group exhibition 2012 SLICK ART FAIR BRUSSELS ‐ Galerie Frank Taal ‐ Brussels 2012 Art Rotterdam ‐ PAVILJOEN ROTTERDAM | Paviljoen Rotterdam Cité, hoek Laan op Zuid 2011‐2012 Antwerp Kusseneers Gallery ‐ De Burburestraat 11 | GROUP EXHIBITION with Curtis Mann, Jo Hormuth, Bob and Roberta Smith, Emma Talbot a.o. 2011 Rotterdam | Galerij FRANK TAAL | Ben Kruisdijk & Marilou van Lierop 2011 BASEL ‐ SOLO SHOW ‐The Solo Project | Kusseneers Gallery ‐ during ART BASEL 2011 Antwerp Kusseneers Gallery ‐ De Burburestraat 11 | Mind's Matter #3 2011 Rotterdam (NL) ‐ De Aanschouw ‐ Witte de Withstraat 80 2011 Antwerp ‐ Kusseneers Gallery ‐ Marilou van Lierop / Jo Hormuth 2010‐2011 Antwerp ‐ Geukens & De Vil ‐ Pourbusstraat 19 |”THE POWER OF DRAWING" 2010‐2011 Oostende ‐ Mu.ZEE ‐ Flagsproject "PPP ‐ public‐private‐paintings" 2010 Mechelen ‐ "De Garage" + Academie Mechelen: Lecture: "CLUSTER#02: VERF" Marilou van Lierop “Cluster #02”. Location: Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Mechelen 2010 Antwerp ‐ Crepain House ‐ Vlaanderenstraat 6 | Project "A‐wall" 2010 Antwerp EXTRA CITY | B‐SIDES AND RARITIES ‐ PRESENTATION PROJECT SPACE 2010 Antwerp Dagmar De Pooter Gallery ‐ group exhibition with C. Clinckx, C. Gosselé, J‐M Bytebier, C. Gillis & R. Michielsen, J. De Pooter, F. Van Dingenen, M.van Lierop, K.Aarts 2010 ART BRUSSELS ‐ April 23 ‐ 26 ‐ Brussels Expo Hall, Belgiëplein 1 ‐ 1020 Brussels 2010 SMAK Gent ‐ group exhibition "GAGARIN", the artists in their own words 2010 Knokke, Galerie Zwart Huis ‐ "Legs of the ladder" ‐ Zeedijk 635 | 2009 Geel, "DRAWING ACTIONS" ‐ February 27 till March 29 ‐ De Halle, De Markt 1 2008 Waasmunster, 'Alternative Route', a project of the academy of Waasmunster. Students meets comtemporain artists in the abby of Rozenberg 2008 CIAP Hasselt presents"NEGNITREPEOH", with Paul Gees and Marilou van Lierop Castle of Mariagaarde, Hoepertingen‐Borgloon 2008 Breda ‐ "THE AERIALS OF SUBLIME TRANSCAPES", International group exhibition organised by Sofie Van Loo, curator.Lokaal 01 in Breda (Netherlands) 2007 "SHOULD CLOUDS BE WASTED, AND LITTLE FISH" with Berlinde de Bruyckere en Carla Zaccagnini Begijnhofkerk, Begijnhof & CC de Bogaard, Sint‐Truiden 2007 Breda's Museum ‐ Breda (Netherlands) ‐ group: "PAULO POST FUTURUM", (with a/o Guillaume Bijl, Geert Goiris, Mark Manders, Vaast Colson,Stef Peeters, Maria Roosen, ...) 2006 - 2007 Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp ‐ group: "GORGE(L)" (with a/o Orla Barry, Louise Bourgeois, Peter Buggenhout, Thierry Decordier, Marlène Dumas, ...) 2006 Lokaal 01‐ Breda (Netherlands) ‐ group: 'Landscape in View: V Absolution" 2006 IN‐BETWEEN (Gynaika) Antwerp ‐ solo "Ediacarans II" 2005 Photography Antwer‐ group (with a/o J. 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