Gerben Mulder

Gerben Mulder 1972

Lives in New York. Works in New York.
Represented by:

Frank Taal Galerie

Gerben Mulder (Amsterdam, 1972) is a ‘self-made artist'. An out-and-out self-taught painter. Mulder has been living and working in New York and intermittently in Brazil since 1993. Inevitably, these places of residence are of great influence on Mulder’s expressive way of working. Yet, his Dutch roots have given Mulder a connection with European art. In her review for the New York Times, art critic Roberta Smith rightly noted that Gerben Mulder produces a sort of 'faux-retro-Modernism-redux' with a clear nod to contemporary northern European painters. German expressionism, but also Russian constructivism, seem to influence his work.

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Gerben Mulder pulling an all-nighter in his studio in Brooklyn preparing for Frieze New York - presentation fortes d'aloia & gabriel


Selected exhibitions: 2019, May 1 - May 5. Frieze New York. Galeria Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel 2019, April 13 - May 04. Frankies Choice Nr1. Frank Taal Galerie (group show) 2019, February 14 - March 22. Marisa Newman Projects, Paper Chase (group show) 2018, August 30 - September 2. Code Art Fair, Copenhagen Denmark. (Brothers from another Mother) Bram Braam, Gijs van Lith, Gerben Mulder. Mark Peet Visser Gallerie, ‘s-Hertogenbosch - Knokke. Netherlands - Belgium 2018, August 2 - August 28. Yes we’re open, Summer show. Galerie Frank Taal. Rotterdam - Netherlands 2018, January 11 - February 25. BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER PART DEUX, Gijs van Lith, Bram Braam, Stephen Shanabrook, Gerben Mulder. Majke Husstege Projects, Knokke, Belgium 2018, January 8 - February 20. Gerben Mulder, Stephen Shanabrook, POOR TRAITS. Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam The Netherlands 2017, December 5 -December 9. Art Basel Miami Beach, Fortes D'aloia & Gabriel. Sao Paulo - Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2017, October 4 - October 7, Frieze London, Fortes, D'Aloia & Gabriel. Sao Paulo Brazil. 2017, September 30 - November 6. Gerben Mulder. Fortes, D'Aloia & Gabriel. Sao Paulo Brazil. 2017, June 13 - June 18, Art Basel Fortes D'aloia & Gabriel. Sao Paulo - Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2017, May - July. New Amsterdam, Gerben Mulder, Bram Braam, Gijs van Lith. Marisa Newman Projects, New York USA 2017, January - April. Beautiful distress foundation art residency, kings county hospital Centre, Brooklyn NY USA 2016, Dec 16 - Dec 30. The end, let's start again. Donau 83 studio Bram Braam, Berlin Germany 2016 April 3-29, Queens college art center CUNY. Queens NY, May flowers, Curated by Xico Greenwald 2016, March 10 - April 9, Inside out Group show at Galerie Frank Taal in conjunction with the Museum of Everything. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 2016, March 2-3, presentation at The Armory show NY, Galeria fortes Vilaça. Sao Paulo Brazil 2015 Oktober 8 - 11, Amusing ourselves to death, Galerie Frank Taal, group show, Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2015 June - July Janaina Tschappe & Gerben Mulder collaborations. Roos Arts, Rosendale NY USA 2015 Gerben Mulder, Galeria Fortes Vilaca, Sao Paulo Brazil, (upcoming) 2015 January - March, BLUE PRINT at Storefront for art and architecture NY NY USA, accompanied with catalogue, curated by Sebastiaan Bremer & SO - IL (Solid Objectives, Florian Idenburg en Jing Liu) 2014 October, POP UP, Gerben Mulder & Arthur Mulder at 353 Roman Road #vintagefurniture, London 2014 October - November, Gerben Mulder @ Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam, NL 2014 June 21 - September 20, BLUEPRINT, MOCA TUCSON, Tucson Arizona, USA, Curated by Sebastiaan Bremer & SO - IL (Solid Objectives, Florian Idenburg en Jing Liu) 2014 June - September, Figure That, group show Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam, NL 2014 February 16-March 23, BLUEPRINT - BLAUWDRUK, KUNSTHAL DE KADE, Amersfoort Netherlands, Curated by Sebastiaan Bremer SO - IL (Solid Objectives, Florian Idenburg en Jing Liu) - group show 2013 September, Galleries from Holland, Spinnerei Leipzig Germany 2013 Almanac, Newman Popiashvili gallery, NY USA 2012 Dirty messy painting, Roosarts, Rosendale, NY USA 2012 Flowers for you, Stephan Stoyanov gallery, NY USA 2012 AIR, Museum of contemporary art Tucson, AZ USA 2012 Gerben Mulder - Galeria Fortes Vilaca, New paintings 2011 Gerben Mulder - Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, The Tucson work 2010 Gerben Mulder - Newman Popiashvili Gallery, NY, USA 2010 Boston University Gallery (Sherman Gallery), fresh flowers 2010 Kunst verein koln Germany drawing now “aktuel- gerben Mulder, Jan Fabre, E. Martin, Paul Morrison 2010 The bug the spider and the butterfly, Roos arts NY USA, Janaina Tschape, X. Noiret, Gerben Mulder 2009 Gerben Mulder - Gallery Akinci, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2009 Naked - Galeria Fortes Vilaça, São Paulo, Brasil 2009 Gerben Mulder - Gallery de Schouw - Rotterdam, Netherlands 2009 “I don’t fucking simply know what to do” Gallery Anton Weller - Isabelle Suret, Paris France 2009 Casa do Saber, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2008 Gerben Mulder, New paintings - Galeria Fortes Vilaça, São Paulo, Brazil. 2008 Curatorial Project Arco Madrid - Newman Popiashvili Gallery, NY 2008 International Drawing Fair Paris - Gallery Anton Weller - Isabelle Suret, Paris France 2007 "The Sickbed" - Galerie k4 München - with catalogue (Germany) 2007 Works on/of paper - Gallery K4, Munich, Germany 2007 EXPOSIÇÃO MUNDOANIMAL, curated by Marcia Fortes, São Paulo, Brazil 2006 "The Aftermath" - Newman Popiashvili Gallery, New York 2006 "On Line: Contemporary Drawing" - The University Art Gallery at Sonoma State university 2005 "Things I'd like to say but don't know how" - Galeria Fortes Vilaça, São Paulo, Brazil 2005 Gerben Mulder - Galerie k4, München (Germany) 2005 Newman Popiashvili gallery NY, 112 Mercerstreet 2005 "Lost Treasures" - Galerie Michael Janssen Köln, (Germany) 2005 "10" - Michael Janssen Gallery, Cologne, Germany 2004 Gallery Akinci, Amsterdam (Group show) 2004 Moyna Flannigan, Gerben Mulder, Elke Krystufek, R.Versloot Galerie Akinci, Amsterdam 2004 Bazar de Verão, Galeria Fortes Vilaça, São Paulo, Brasil 2003 Akinci Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (group) 2003 SUITE 106 Gallery, New York, USA 2003 Satellite Roebling Hall. New York, USA 2003 Gallery Akinci, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2002 "My Father Told Me...", SUITE 106 Gallery, New York, USA 2002 Bodybuilder & Sportsman Gallery, Chicago, USA 2000 "Sexy", Houldsworth Gallery, London, England 1999 "Egyptian Radio",1st Liverpool Bienale, UK 1998 "Blue Print", Spark Gallery, New York, USA 1995 Album (Rotterdam - Amsterdam - New York) curated by Sebastiaan Bremer & Gerben Mulder 1993 Gerben Mulder, Melmoth arts, Rotterdam, NL