Bram Braam

Bram Braam 1980

Lives in Berlijn. Works in Berlijn.
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Frank Taal Galerie

As an artist Bram Braam (NL, 1980) is interested in the way we design of our daily environment. In addition to producing photographs, collages and assemblages, Braam mainly focuses on sculptural work of subtle or impressive size. Many influences can be traced: the American minimalism of Donald Judd and Sol LeWitt, the utopian vision of an architect like Le Corbusier, but also the modernism of Bauhaus and De Stijl. The planned clarity of the Dutch landscape and the raw, urban chaos of Braam's hometown of Berlin come together in his work.

Market position

Market position

Braam was born in the Netherlands and now lives and works in Berlin. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Den Bosch, The Netherlands in 2009. He has also studied at the Sint Lucas College in Communication and Design in The Netherlands.He has exhibited internationally at venues including Cacao fabriek Helmond (NL) Marissa Newman Projects New York (USA), Galerie BursterBerlin (DE) N.B.K. Berlin (DE) Galerie Frank Taal Rotterdam (NL) Another space Kopenhagen (DK) Import Projects Berlin, Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch SMS (NL), B-art Seelevel gallery Amsterdam (NL), Freies Museum Berlin (DE), Rijkswaterstaat Maastricht (NL) Minimal Gallery Chiang Mai (TH). In 2014 Braam was awarded a one-year scholarship by the Berlin Senat. In 2011 he won the Jung-Art prize Berlin. He participated in residency programs at Homebase project Berlin, Culturia in Berlin, and Sea foundation in Tilburg (NL). He has been supported by different funding programs from the Mondriaan Foundation in The Netherlands and received in 2016 a 4 years scholarship for proven talent.


Education 2005‐2009 | AKV St. Joost, Academy of Fine Arts (Bachelor) Den Bosch 1998‐2003 | Sint Lucas, Communication and Design (MBO) Boxtel Prizes, grants, Residences 2016 | Working grant for proven talent 2016/ 2020 Mondriaan Fonds (Netherlands) 2014 | Arbeitsstipendien Kulturverwaltung des Berlin Senat, Berlin (Germany) 2014 | Artist in residence Sea foundation, Tilburg (Netherlands) 2013 | HomeBase Project, a site specific residency and research program exploring the notion of home, operating at the intersection of contemporary art and social change. Berlin (Germany) 2013 | Working budget, Mondriaan funds, (Netherlands) 2011 | Winner Jung Art Prize (together with Chris Bierl), Berlin, (Germany) 2010 | Artist in residence Culturia Berlin, (Germany) 2009 | StarterstipendiumFund BKVB, (Netherlands) 2009 | Nomination Lucas Prize, Den Bosch, (Netherlands) Exhibitions 2017 | Group Exhibition, Black / White, Gallery Burster, Berlin (Germany) 2017 | Upcoming duo presentation, ART ROTTERDAM art fair, Frank Taal gallery, Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2017 | Upcoming group presentation, ART KARLSRUHE art fair, gallery Burster, Karlsruhe (Germany) 2017 | Upcoming group exhibition, project space, luis leu, Karlsruhe (Germany) 2017 | Upcoming solo exhibition, Cacoafabriek, Helmond (Netherlands) 2016 | Group exhibition, The end, let´s start again, Donau83, Berlin (Germany) 2016 | Solo Exhibition, Welcome to the real world, Frank Taal galerie, Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2016 | Group Presentation, ART FAIR kunst16, gallery Burster, Zürich (Switserland) 2016 | Group Exhibition, BERLIN ART WEEK, (Berlin is) under (de) construction, Kuhlhaus Gleisdreieck, Berlin (Germany) 2016 | Group Exhibition, BERLIN ART WEEK, a bad and story, Berlin (Germany) 2016 | Group Presentation, BERLIN ART WEEK, ART FAIR POSITIONS, gallery Burster, Berlin (Germany) 2016 | Group Exhibition, POWER – PLAY, Schau Fenster, Berlin (Germany) 2016 | Solo Presentation, ART 16, London’s global art fair, London (Great Britain) 2016 | Group Exhibition, 2te 11te INTERVENTIONALE, IG Metall/Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin 2016 | Group Exhibition, TABS #2, LAGE EGAL (OFF SITE) , Berlin (Germany) 2016 | Solo Exhibition, Modern Mutants, Galerie Burster, Berlin (Germany) 2016 | Group Presentation, Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, Frank Taal Galerie, Rotterdam 2015 | Group Exhibition, ART MARKET BUDAPEST, ART FAIR – by Burster galerie, Budapest, (Hungary) 2015 | Group Exhibition, Amusing ourselves to death, De Rotterdam (OMA) – Rotterdam 2015 | Group Exhibition, Kindred Spirits, Summer Show, Frank Taal gallery, Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2015 | Group Exhibition, POSITIONS Art Fair, Galerie Burster, Berlin Art Week, Berlin (Germany) 2015 | Group Exhibition, Lage Egal, off space – Berlin Art Week, Berlin (Germany) 2015 | Group Exhibition, Self storage – Another Space, Copenhagen Art Week, Copenhagen (Denmark) 2015 | Group Exhibition, Project Marzahner Promenade, Galerie M, Berlin (Germany) 2015 | Group Exhibition, language & art, KUNSTHAL, Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2015 | Duo Exhibition, Bram Braam & Ines Doleschal Galerie Schwartzsche Villa, Berlin (Germany) 2015 | Group Exhibition, History Is a Warm Gun, N.B.K. Curated by Dr. Britta Schmitz, Berlin (Germany) 2015 | Solo presentation , New Art Section, Booth 95, ART Rotterdam, ART FAIR by Frank Taal galerie 2014 | Solo Exhibition, IMPORT PROJECTS, Curated by Anja Henckel & Nadim Saman, Berlin (Germany) 2014 | Group Exhibition, If paradise is half as nice 3, Leipzig (Germany) 2014 | Solo Exhibition, De Aanschouw, Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2014 | Group Exhibition, Ampelhaus, Oranienbaum (Germany) 2014 | Group Exhibition, Figure that, Frank Taal galerie, Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2014 | Group Exhibition, VU Art collection EXPOSORIUM, IN TRANSIT, Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2014 | Group Exhibition, Update, Wiebengahal, Maastricht (Netherlands) 2014 | Solo Exhibition, City of tomorrow, Frank Taal galerie, Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2014 | Group Exhibition, Insitu invited by Another Space, Art space festival, Copenhagen (Denmark) 2014 | Group Exhibition, Kopstukken, House with the heads, Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2014 | Group Exhibition, Lost Space, Joao Cocteau, Berlin, (Germany) 2014 | Group Exhibition, Ruins with Aldo van den Broek and Ties Ten Bosch, Donau83, Berlin, (Germany) 2014 | Duo Exhibition, Bram Braam & Alex Baams, SEA Foundation, Tilburg (Netherlands) 2014 | Group Exhibition, If Paradise is half as nice, Frank Taal galerie, Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2013 | Group Exhibition, If Paradise is half as nice’ Part 2, Berlin (Germany) 2013 | Group Exhibition, If Paradise is half as nice’ Part 2, Leipzig (Germany) 2013 | Group Exhibition, The Beginning of Something, Westside gallery ‘s‐Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) 2013 | Group Exhibition, P/ART Producers Art Fair, Hamburg (Germany) 2013 | Group Exhibition, HomeBase Festival – Das Unmögliche Haus, Berlin (Germany) 2013 | works displayed, 24 hours on Saatchiscreen, Saatchi gallery, Londen (England) 2013 | Group exhibition, 48 Stunden Neukölln festival, Changing Perspectives, Berlin (Germany) 2013 | Group exhibition, I dont see this happening again, HomebaseLab, month of performance art, Berlin (Germany) 2013 | Duo exhibition, Kreuzbergpavillon “From 0 To 0″ Bram Braam & Radu Oreian, Berlin (Germany) 2013 | Group exhibition, Kunsthalle Deutsche Bank, Macht Kunst, Berlin (Germany) 2012 | Next Visit, Duo exhibition with Natalia Stachon, Berlin (Germany) 2012 | Group exhibition Point de Vue – 200 jaar Kunstacademie ‘s Hertogenbosch, Den Bosch 2012 | Group exhibition, Kreuzberg Pavillion Kassel 100 Days Documenta, Kassel (Germany) 2012 | Group exhibition, KAUM III, Raum, Berlin (Germany) 2012 | Group exhibition, Architecture as Human Nature, Supermarkt, Berlin (Germany) 2012 | Group exhibition, De Salon, BKKC, Tilburg (Netherlands) 2012 | Group exhibition, Inside‐out. Exploring time, space, and transformation in the context of a double exhibition Front‐stage gallery Shanghai, (China) 2012 | Duo exhibition, Jung Art, Freies Museum, Berlin (Germany) 2012 | Solo exhibition: Next Nature: Kaleidoskop gallery, Berlin (Germany) 2012 | Group exhibition: Tape modern, Berlin (Germany) 2012 | Group exhibition: “You can tell me!” FACTORY‐ART gallery, Berlin (germany) 2011 | Group exhibition “Jung Art Prize, Alten Münze, Berlin (Germany) 2011 | Group exhibition “Open Ateliers”, European Creative Center (ECC), Berlin (Germany) 2011 | Group exhibition “Open source expo”, Incubate Festival, Tilburg (Netherlands) 2011 | Group exhibition, Urlaub in Berlin, Berlin (Germany) 2011 | Duo exhibition “Euro Land Art”, landgoed Velden (Netherlands) 2011 | Group exhibition, Tape Modern Berlin (Germany) 2010 | Group exhibition, “Ecosyntheses” Torino (Italy) 2010 | Group exhibition, “Human Nature” B‐art Den Bosch (Netherlands) 2010 | Group exhibition, Culturia As if, the ability depends on what is in the contract, not what is in the description. 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Architecture as Human Nature, Supermarkt, Berlin (Germany)