Tom Woestenborghs

Tom Woestenborghs 1978

Lives in Merksplas. Works in Hoogstraten.
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Frank Taal Galerie

Woestenborghs composes his pictures with painterly intention. But his collage technique, typically involving seven or eight layers of plastic, allows him greater focus than paint. The contrast between the picture’s clarity and the ambiguity it embodies is greatly increased. He received his Masters Degree in Painting at St. Lucas and his postgraduate degree at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts (HISK) Antwerp (Laureate).

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Fool's paradise - May - June 2018
Home is a formal yet loving place - Tom Woestenborghs @ galerie Frank Taal - March 2017.
Fool's paradise - May - June 2018


Review series Fool's paradise
Excerpts from Dijksterhuis review on Woestenborghs series Fool’s paradise […Woestenborghs composes his pictures with painterly intention. But his collage technique, typically involving seven or eight layers of plastic, allows him greater focus than paint. The contrast between the picture’s clarity and the ambiguity it embodies is greatly increased…] […In his series of works titled Fool’s paradise, Tom Woestenborghs depicts this tension between social control and our subdued need to revolt. Like the Michel Houellebecq of the fine arts he dissects contemporary life as he encounters it in the form of magazine pictures, internet memes, videos and random photography. An observer rather than an activist he exposes the power structures underlying our highly regulated society. Unlike Houellebecq he’s not cynical, incorporating subtle nods – his own form of rebellion…] Edo Dijksterhuis, 2018
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Edo Dijksterhuis


Tom Woestenborghs (1978) Lives and works in Merkplas, Belgium. Education: Higher education: Karel De Grote Hogeschool, Congres - 1997-2002 Sint Lucas, Antwerp, Masters Degree painter 2001-2003 Hogeschool Antwerpen, teacher’s education 2004-2005 Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten (HISK) Antwerp, postgraduate Solo exhibitions May/June 2018: “Fool’s paradise”, Frank Taal gallery, Rotterdam (NL) September/Oktober 2017: “I think we’re alone now”, Anouk Vilain gallery, Diepenbeek March/April 2017: “home is a formal, yet loving place”, Frank Taal gallery, Rotterdam (NL). February 2017: “BAD art fair”, duo with Marilou Van Lierop by Frank Taal gallery, Gent. January/February 2017: “Stand and deliver”, CAPS, Antwerp. October/December 2015: “Down the rabbit hole”, Frank Taal gallery, Rotterdam (NL). September/October 2014: “Into the wild – Surrogates, make believes and a bit of popcorn sexism”, Anouk Vilain gallery, Diepenbeek. March/September 2013: “Project-I”, Taxandria museum, Turnhout. January/March 2013: “The foretelling of reflections in a guaranteed man’s heroic frame of mind” stedelijk museum Hoogstraten, Hoogstraten. May 2011: “Salvation can be found in the illusion of involvement”, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke. May 2011:” Salvation can be found in the illusion of indifference”, De tweede helft, Turnhout. April 2010: “Window project”, in collaboration with action fields, Brussels December 2009: “Belgium Calling”, Lineart, Gent July 2009: Flandrika festival, Milan (I) February/March 2009: “4 months of little conceptual self-criticism, just fun”, Action fields, Brussels. October 2008: “OB-room”: B-gallery, Brussels. March 2008: “Drawing/collage/lightbox” action fields, Brussels. January 2008: “50/25″, Cypres gallery, Leuven. February 2007: “Habitat”, Hedah, Maastricht (NL). October, November 2005: “Foto Antwerp 2005″, Fst Forward, Antwerp. May 2004: Koraalberg / Fst Forward, Antwerp. November, December 2002: Fst Forward, Antwerp. Group exhibitions: December 2016: “ATC 2 *BXL”, Salon Mommen, Brussels. November/ December 2016: “DE-GENERATIES, ELIAS ET SES COMPAGNONS DE ROUTES”, De Markten, Brussels February 2016: HISK painter selection, BAD fair,Gent November 2015: “Kunst at Rode kruis”, Ronse. April/July 2015: “Art traces across the western front”, Langemark-Poelkapelle. March/April 2015: “A Belgian politician”, Marion de Cannière art space, Antwerp. September/October 2013: Art Attack, Hasselt. July/ August 2013: “Kortrijk Vlaandert”, Kortrijk. February 2013: “Performatic”, Electriciteits centrale, Brussel. June/September 2012: Collide to reunitte, 7S gallery, Zandhoven. May 2012: Vitrine, window project, Turnhout. March/May 2012: Tweespoor, Warande, Turnhout. October 2010/January 2011: PPP (flag project), Mu.zee, Oostende. November/December 2010: “EL6 Share”, Espace Ladda, Gent. June/September 2010: “Summer in the city 2″, Cypres, Leuven. June 2010: “Confrontatie : De kleine eten de grote vissen”, Mechelen September/October 2009: “The Whole nine yards”, Actionfields, Brussels. August 2009: mixed party, Antwerp August 2009: Nocturne, Verbeke Foundation, KEMZEKE June 2009: “Urban Emotion”, tour en taxis, BrusselsEspace Ladda, Gent September/November 2008: “ expansion”, Apollo Arthotel, Bruges. February 2008: action fields, construction site 1, Brussels August 2007: 50/25, Leuven. March 2007: “Action fields”, Neder-over-heembeek (Brussels). September 2006, Jan. 2007“Amusez-vous” / “Ensor en de avant-gardes aan zee”, PMMK,Oostende. June 2006: Borderlines, Straatsburg (FR). May 2006: “Spring”, Antwerp. April 2006: “Ravenstein project”, Brussels. January 2006: Borderlines, Gent. December 2005: “And lucy liked it!” HISK, Antwerp. May 2005: Open Studio’s, HISK, Antwerp. November, December 2004: Hotelkamer, Free space (NICC), Hessenhuis, Antwerp. September 2004: Rush, Oudenaarde. July, August 2004: Zomerexpositie, Koraalberg, Antwerp. May 2004: Open Studio’s, HISK, Antwerp. September 2003: Feel estate, Minard, Gent. September, October 2002: Out of Control 2002, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels. June 2002: Graduation exhibition Congres -Sint Lucas, Antwerp. Lectures: February 2005: De Appel, Amsterdam