Merina Beekman

Merina Beekman 1961 - 2009

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Slewe Gallery

The in 2009 deceased Dutch artist Merina Beekman (1961-2009) is known for her black and white works, made with washings of Indian ink on paper or velvet. She never used color in her work. Her black and white drawings were an ‘abstract’ translation of the colorful world she experienced during her travels through ancient cultures in the middle east and far east. The last few years of her life she also used embroidery in her drawings. The small patterns of threads coincide very well with the many ink brush strokes and stains.

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Groninger Museum

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Since the start of the gallery Beekman exhibited regularly at Slewe Gallery until her death. In 2009 she had an exhibition at Museum De Pont in Tilburg, on which occasion a catalog with an overview of her work was published. Her drawings have been collected by various important private and public collections, such as the AkzoNobel Art Collection, LUMC , NOG, Caldic and ABNAMRO Art Collection.