Emily Kocken (1963)
Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.
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Emily Kocken (visual artist/writer) researches the intersubjective creating multidisciplinary performative installations. Her methodology contains conceptual and situationist elements, evoking chance to enter carefully designed zones through an eclectic system rooted in mystic pagan traditions. Born in 1963 in New York, she moved with her family to the Netherlands at the age of seven. She received a rich training in the academic field, studying music, philosophy, theatre, film and writing. For more than a decade she taught music, theatre and film at different high schools. After a car accident in 2000 she quit her teaching job and dedicated herself solely to her art practice, developing her work via interdisciplinary collaborations and solo projects, supported by several Dutch foundations for the arts. By measuring residues of energy deriving from personal histories and particular places, she creates visual and emotional narratives that serve as new sources, blurring the fine lines of (non)fiction. She often involves communities—peer groups—in the process.
Emily Kocken — COME-GO-STAY 10.10.2015 — 21.11.2015, West Den Haag More info: westdenhaag.nl/exhibitions/15_10_10_Emily_Kocken/ Emily Kocken’s careful attention and slow burning supplication for performance and language has began years ago with a photograph of Gertrude Stein, her partner, and their poodle. The love between the famous writer and her non-human friend stayed with Kocken, whose work is literary, expressive, and performative. Since 2000, artist and writer Emily Kocken (1963, New York) has been working on a multidisciplinary oeuvre. In 2013, she made her debut at the Dutch publishing house Querido with her novel Witte Vlag (White Flag), in which the conflict between artist and wife forms center stage, and with a dying dog as catalyst. In her work, she introduces a new grey field between fiction and non-fiction via multilingual projects filled with ominous confrontations. Her debut novel is a resounding success and as such she is currently working on her second book.
COME-GO-STAY performance 10.10.2015 — 21.11.2015, West Den Haag More info: westdenhaag.nl/exhibitions/15_10_10_Emily_Kocken/ Emily Kocken’s careful attention and slow burning supplication for performance and language is located Come-Go-Stay that began years ago with a photograph of Stein, her partner, and their poodle. The love between the famous writer and her non-human friend stayed with Kocken, whose work is literary, expressive, and performative. This is found in her new video work where the artist and a multi-awarded, highly intelligent standard poodle perform.
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Emily Kocken lives and works in Amsterdam. Her work is shown in international shows, and is part of private collections. As a writer she is represented by the Dutch publishing house Querido. Her debut novel Witte Vlag was nominated for the Academia Literature Price in 2014. She received a grant from the Dutch Foundation for Literature for her third novel Lala landing (will be published in 2020). Solo shows include Come-Go-Stay at West, The Hague (2015), about semiotics and finding closeness to the poodle of Gertrude Stein.
CV Emily Kocken
LITERAIRE PUBLICATIES 2018 Hello Darkness — essay, De Gids no. 2018/2 – ook opgenomen in L’Histoire Kaputt, Alex van Warmerdam, Nieuw Amsterdam Publishers Slapen met de hazen — essay, De Gids no. 2018/1 2017 De kuur — roman, Uitgeverij Querido, Amsterdam Fictief bloedvergieten — essay, Revisor 15 2016 Stewart — kort verhaal, Revisor 12 2015 Ohio — inleidende tekst bij catalogus solotentoonstelling Gently down the Stream, Nanette Kraaikamp, Stedelijk Museum Vianen 2014 Alles te verbergen — tekening, bundel bezorgd door Carine Weve, Poëziecentrum Gent 2013 O San Francisco — column, De Optimist, digitaal cultureel magazine Witte vlag — roman, Uitgeverij Querido, Amsterdam 2011 Haarpijn — kort verhaal, De Revisor Online – revisor.nl 2010 De hond zag ons in Rheine — kort verhaal, De Revisor, Amsterdam TENTOONSTELLINGEN 2018 Cello Girls Orbit — elpee met Jacco Prantl, installatie, performance, C&H gallery, Amsterdam – Solo 2017 Ben ik een dier? — Museum De Domijnen, Sittard – Groeps 2015 Come-Go-Stay — performatieve installatie, West, Den Haag – Solo 2013 Anonyme Zeichner 2013 — Galerie Nord/Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin – Groeps The Maiden Element — fotografie, tekeningen / C&H art space, Amsterdam – Solo 2011 The Negotiator — curator: MaRF, fotografie, tekeningen / België & Frankrijk – Groeps 2010 The Holy Yesman — [digitaal?] analoog! / Huis Marseille, Amsterdam – Groeps Letters from a Dying Building — installatie / Des Chapitres du Conflit, Collasus, Berlin – Groeps Handmodelling — Binnenzee, installatie, fotografie, video / RC De Ruimte, IJmuiden – Groeps Collecting Evidence — fotografie, video, tekeningen, boeken / C&H Art&Design, Amsterdam – Solo Tracing the Mother Key — fotografie, installatie / Stadsdeelkantoor Amsterdam Zuidoost – Solo The Guard — Masterpiece, fotografie / De Zwarte Ruyter, Rotterdam – Groeps PERFORMANCES & LEZINGEN 2018 Cello Girls — record release tour, Concerto, Amsterdam The Swan — performance, The Ballroom, Amsterdam-Zuidoost Woordnacht — Literatuurfestival, Rotterdam Point of No Return — curator en performer, Huis de Pinto, Amsterdam 2017 Boektour De kuur — diverse boekhandels en culturele podia in Nederland 2016 Reflections/Encounters op Art Rotterdam 2016 — Emily Kocken & K. Schippers (gepresenteerd door Judith Vrancken) Cello performance, part of ‘Now is forever lasting constant in the mind’ — an evening curated by Padraic E. Moore, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven Club Debuut — Literair Productiehuis Wintertuin & Nederlands Letterenfonds, Nijmegen/Groningen Shut Up & Write — boekhandel Van Rossum, Amsterdam 2015 Read-in Cinema — multi-day performance, execution and direction, Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam 2014 Lezing over Witte vlag — Nationale Dag van het Park, Rembrandtpark, Amsterdam 2011 Call of the Wild — Performance met honden, Rhizomatic, Amsterdam Hello, I shot this with my plastic Holga — Lezing over fotografie, Kunstlinie, Almere 2010 Artist Talk, Collecting Evidence — C&H Art & Design, Amsterdam Opdrachten & aankopen 2018 Unknown is this body — tekst voor performance installatie, Newbody, Astrit Ismaili, Kunstverein/Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Basel 2015 Opheliade — tekeningen, aankoop door particulier
 2014 Cut/Tuc — essay, catalogus solotentoonstelling Kasper Sonne, Galerie West, Den Haag 2013 The Maiden Element — tekeningen, aankoop door particulieren Sign of the times — essay, tentoonstelling Jeannet Klement, Grote Kerk, Oosthuizen Witte vlag, roman — Book Lovers Project, collectie kunstenaarsromans, MHKA, Antwerpen 2012 Zoekende reiziger — vertaling (NL naar EN) van essay dr. Stan Petrusa, catalogus Adriaan Rees The Godforsaken Grandness of the Deadly Dame — essay, tentoonstelling Josien Vogelaar,
 C&H art space, Amsterdam PRIJZEN/NOMINATIES/BEURZEN/SUBSIDIES 2018 Nederlands Letterenfonds — werkbeurs voor derde roman Nominatie Halewijnprijs 2017 Fluiten in het donker — hoorspelopdracht, Nederlands Letterenfonds 2015 Nederlands Letterenfonds — werkbeurs voor tweede roman 2014 Nederlands Letterenfonds — reisbeurs naar Davos voor tweede roman Academica Literatuurprijs longlist — debuutroman Witte vlag 2010 Projectsubsidie — Gemeente Amsterdam, Stadsdeel Zuidoost / Tracing the Mother Key RESIDENCIES 2011 Rhizomatic — dia’s, tekeningen, performance, Amsterdam 2010 RC De Ruimte — Binnenzee, IJmuiden 2009 Uqbar Berlin — Transient Spaces – The Tourist Syndrome, Palanga, Lithuania 1986 Académie Musicale de Morges — cello masterclass, Morges, Zwitserland