Jantien Jongsma, C&H gallery

Jantien Jongsma (1965)

Lives in Amsterdam. Works in Amsterdam.

A constant theme in the work of Jantien Jongsma (b. 1965, NL) is having encounters: when using her normal materials she accomplishes hundreds of meetings on paper. She may initially have had a vague idea about how and where she was to begin. The sheet of paper was given a basic color after which she began to draw all those elements and ideas that keep haunting her. There may, at times, have been a clear concept. But soon she began to realize that her work demanded something else from her, to which she gave in, with the result that many elements in her drawings make a spontaneous impression.
Jantien Jongsma
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Museum Belvédère
Centrum Beeldende Kunst
Fries Museum
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Jantien Jongsma (1965) lives and works in Amsterdam. She studied at the Amsterdam Academy for Visual Arts and Painting and Graphic Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. She was part of several solo and group exhibitions and had a solo exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Kampen in 2014. Her work is in the collection of the Fries Museum, the Karmelklooster in Drachten and the CBK Rotterdam.
CV Jantien Jongsma
Jantina Geertruida Jongsma Harlingen, may 29th 1965 lives and works in Amsterdam phone : +31204125176 website: http://www.jantienjongsma.nl/ Education Atheneum (1977-1983), Jan Arentsz College, Alkmaar Amsterdamse Academie voor beeldende Vorming (1983-1987) (teaching degree drawing) Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam: painting and grafical art (1987-1989) Exhibitions, publications 2016 Stadstekenaars van Amsterdam 2014-2016 26 mei 2016, Stadsarchief Amsterdam, Vijzelstraat 32 2016 Deelname Amsterdam Drawing 2016 bij galerie C&H Artspace 22 t/m 27 september 2015 solotentoonstelling bij C & H Artspace. http://www.ch-artspace.com 7 maart 2015 2014 Amsterdam Drawing 2014, 17 t/m zondag 21 september 2014 Het Landschap en de Romantische Verleiding, groepstentoonstelling Kunstvereniging Diepenheim 2014 " ( you are) My favourite waste of time",solotentoonstelling in Stedelijk Museum Kampen 2013 C&H Artspace Amsterdam, GALLERY ARTIST + GUEST, Group Show 2012 Solotentoonstelling vanaf 8 september 2012 bij C&H Artspace Amsterdam 2012 Galerie Smarius/Steven Sterk, 11 maart - 29 april, Jantien Jongsma en Henk van den Bosch 2012 Solopresentatie in Museum Belvedere Oranjewoud, 19 januari- medio april, Werk op papier, Harlingen-Amsterdam 2011 "A History in Common" groupshow work on paper, September 14 until Oktober 8 2011, Memorial Hall, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, USA 2011 "Drawing the best" groepstentoonstelling met werk op papier bij galerie Smarius tot en met 26 juni 2011 in Gorredijk. 2011"All about drawing" 100 Nederlandse kunstenaars, 200 tekeningen, 24 april t/m 29 aug. 2011 Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 2010 "Drawing History" solo-expositie van 17 okt tot 21 nov. 2010 bij galerie Smarius te Gorredijk 2010 Art Amsterdam, RAI, Amsterdam 2010 KABINETSCRISIS, ECONOMISCHE CRISIS, MORELE CRISIS, in RETORT ART SPACE, Amsterdam 2010 Galerie Smarius en Galerie Steven Sterk, Group exhibition, Gorredijk 2009 Group exposition in Focus, Herenstraat 32, Amsterdam. 2009 “Nuit Americaine II”, Exhibition at Frederieke Taylor Gallery Chelsea NY 2009 Solo exhibition at Het Oude Raadhuis, Hoofddorp. 2009 Drawings on Art Amsterdam at galerie Smarius 2009 “Nuit Americaine II”, Exhibition at Retort, Amsterdam. 2009 “Ïn dit uitzicht”, drawingexhibition, Drawing Centre Diepenheim 2008 drawingexhibition with Pietsjanke Fokkema at galerie Smarius. www.galeriesmarius.nl 2008 " Nuit Americaine" www.rcderuimte.com, prentenkabinet RC de Ruimte in IJmuiden 2008 “Dwanggedachten” (Obsessive thoughts), drawingexhibition, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam 2007 “Nuit Americaine”, wallpainting, Uitmarkt, Amsterdam 2006 “From Father Christmass to you”, R.C. de Ruimte”, IJmuiden 2006 “Man en Paard”, wallpainting, W139, Amsterdam 2006 "Poppen, huizen en poppenhuizen" (Dolls, houses and dollhouses) ,Bellamy shop-window project, Bep foundation, Amsterdam 2004 soloshow SBK Westerpark 2004 "Kunst Woont", groupshow AA-kerk Groningen SBK en CBK 2003 "Happy Painting", groupshow, Retort, Amsterdam 2002 "Sold", groupshow and auction, Christies, Amsterdam, curated by Jim Beard 2002 "De Salon", groupshow of members, Arti et Amicitiae", Amsterdam 2001 " Nieuwe leden", groupshow, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam 2000 Soloshow, Kunstpaviljoen, Nieuw-Roden 2000 "Op de huid bekeken" ,groupshow, tramremise SBK, Amsterdam 2000 "Koninklijke Subsidie (Royal Award), exposition nominees, Royal Palace,Amsterdam 1999 "Atelier Signaal", article by Saskia Monshouwer, Kunstbeeld magazine 1999 "Prix de Rome", catalogue 1999 groupshow, curated by Jim beard gallery, Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam 1999 "Koninklijke Subsidie" (Royal Award), exposition nominees, Royal palace. Amsterdam 1999 soloshow, SBK KNSMlaan, Amsterdam 1999 groupshow, Keizersgracht (formerly known as Siau), Amsterdam 1999 groupshow, curated by Jim beard gallery, O.Z. Voorburgwal, Amsterdam 1998 groupshow, Ludwigfoundation, Amsterdam 1997 "Kamper kunstprijs" (award of the city of Kampen), exposition nominees, Kampen 1997 "Koninklijke Subsidie", (Royal Award), exposition nominees, Royal Palace, Amsterdam 1994 "Open Ateliers", (open studio tour), Jordaan, Amsterdam 1992 "Open Ateliers", (open studio tour), Jordaan, Amsterdam 1991 "Niet te Koop", (Not for Sale), HEMAshop-window project, Amsterdam 1991 "Niet te Koop", review by Paul Steenhuis, july 12 1991, galerie, NRC Handelsblad 1989 soloshow lithographs, Artclub, Amsterdam Medical Center, Amsterdam 1989 "Start '89", groupshow Artacademy graduates, Centraal beheer, Apeldoorn 1988 soloshow, dr. Scheltens, Amsterdam 1990-1992 working as a studioassistant and setdresser for TV and Film 1992 wallpainting for commercial 1988-1999 artdirection and props film 1999 teaching mediastyling Artemis 2001 drawingteacher Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem (replacement) 2001- 2007 working on arteducationprojects for SBK and citycounsil Amsterdam- Noord 2000-2006 boardmember SBK 2003 teaching arteducation Nic. maesschool Amsterdam elementaryschool (replacement) 2005-2007 drawingteacher Vossius gymnasium Amsterdam (replacement) 2007 "De Buurtklont" arteducationproject with Elma van Imhoff Amsterdam 2008 visitingartist and artist talk at R.I.S.D. Providence U.S.A. visiting teacher painting Artez Zwolle Winnaar Jeanne Oostingprijs 2015 voor waterverf. Uitreiking Jeanne Oostingprijs zondag 11 oktober 2015 in de Vishal te Haarlem